Your Heater Needs Maintenance Even in The Summer Season

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Your Heater Needs Maintenance Even in The Summer Season

It’s essential to undertake maintenance of the complete HVAC unit in all seasons, and not just the air conditioner or heating system alone.

Maintenance needs to be done in an integrated manner rather than looking at different components separately. With each passing season, you must endeavor to keep the HVAC in a top working condition.

When it’s summer, you have to remain prepared for the arrival of winter. For that, the heater has to be kept in a state of readiness – well certainly by October. Let’s explore some reasons why you should keep your heater working even in the summer.

1. Leave no room for regrets

It serves no purpose to ignore or delay the repair of heater until the last minute – certainly in June right when it’s getting hot out. Last minute repairs are expensive and cumbersome. Calling for the service mechanic at the last minute would also mean to be put on a wait list.

There is no guarantee that the service technician would be able to a good job if the time available is too little. A thorough inspection may require a longer time than usual, if the service was left postponed for a long stretch of time.

Moreover, there are numerous tasks that are a list of maintenance checks for the furnace, namely, scrubbing out the dirt and grime, lubrication of the joints and connectors, checking the air flow, thermostat, and many more in the task list.

This preliminary activity should ideally be initiated during the summer. You know, when hopefully the A’s are beating the Yankees.

2. The heat pump is also needed in the summer

A heat pump serves dual task purpose: for heating and cooling. Any delay in repairing the heat pump means neglecting the air conditioner as well.

3. The unpredictable season

The season of spring does manage to surprise one and all. Some days could be warm and sunny, while some days could be rainy or windy, or sometimes the weather could get chilled. In such cases, one should be prepared to have a workable heater. However, it does depend on the location though.

4. Lurking hazards

There is every possibility of lurking dangers at home, and it’s important to take a few precautions – well in advance.

Ducts and vents must be inspected for dust and gas leaks as they affect the efficiency of HVAC system and air quality as well. In any case, it’s good to have a carbon monoxide detector in the house.

5. Inflated energy bills in summer

At times, issues with heater could result in the possibility of inflated energy bills. It happens because of malfunctioning motors, weak pipes, or maybe a problem with a burner, etc. that require a lot of energy to keep these faulty parts in running condition.

Key Takeaway

Looking at the above reasons and possibilities, it’s vital to pay attention to the heating system during summer season.

The heating system is complex and should not be ignored. Schedule a call with HVAC technician and have the heater serviced on time rather than having to regret it later. It’s vital to keep the system serviced throughout the year.

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