Winter Prep Checklist For Your HVAC System

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Winter Prep Checklist For Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are elaborate and have many components that must function smoothly in harmony to give you the best heating or cooling conditions in the house. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance are critical to keep your system in top condition and to avoid any malfunctions, repairs, or expensive replacements.HVAC systems work a little differently in winters and in summers. Seasonal inspections will guarantee that your system is well-equipped to deal with the dipping or soaring temperatures before the upcoming season.

You do not want any malfunction in the system in the middle of winter, when not having heating in the house can get very uncomfortable, to the point of allowing an illness or germs in your Bay Area house.

Here is a winter prep checklist for your HVAC system that you can follow, to make sure that all parts of the system are in sound condition and can do what they are meant to do throughout the season.

1. Replacement of filters on the heating equipment

Clean filters ensure free flow of air and increase the efficiency of your system. You can clean these if they are not very dirty or replace them if they are completely clogged with dirt.

2. Inspection of ignition burner assembly, heat pump, or inspection for gas leaks in case of gas burners

Check whether the pilot light is working properly. This is vital for ignition. You can also call an HVAC technician to check the ignition burner assembly, gas leaks, the heat exchanger, the combustion blower and the fan belt.

3. Checking of registers

You can go around the house checking all the registers for blockage and make sure that warm air is coming out.

4. Checking of thermostat controls

Set your thermostat to the winter temperature you want in the house and see whether the heating is adequate.

5. Checking of electrical connections

In case there is any fault or corrosion in the wiring, there is a chance of the circuit being shot. It is important to check all electrical connections in view of fire safety.

6. Examining duct work and vents

Debris, mold or rodent infestation in the ducts can block them. Leakage will result in energy loss. So, get your ducts and vents inspected by professionals.

This is a basic list of all the things you need to check before winter. Do not forget that your HVAC system has components indoors as well as outdoors. So, while you check all that is inside the house, in the wiring or in the ducts, it is important to check on the outdoor units as well.

Outdoor care

You must ensure that your AC condenser or heat pump has no vegetation covering it. The outdoor unit must have free space around it and no leaves, twigs, or debris of any sort must block the flow of air. Covering the outdoor unit when not in use will also help protect it from snowfall and frost.

Following this checklist will save you time, money, and energy and also save you any inconvenience caused due to a malfunctioning system.

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