Why Should You Choose a Programmable Thermostat For Your HVAC?

Explore the advantages of programmable thermostats for your heating and cooling needs. Optimize zoned heating and cooling with Sandium's expertise in HVAC systems.

Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Why Should You Choose a Programmable Thermostat For Your HVAC?

Programmable thermostats are increasingly becoming popular with many Northern California homeowners making the switch. They don’t just improve the comfort level in a house, but also optimize the heating and cooling unit. Smart or programmable thermostats follow a preset schedule for making the house comfortable all-year round. Keep reading to find out more reasons to switch to a programmable thermostat for your HVAC.

Temperature Remains Consistent

Programmable thermostats can maintain a perfect and consistent temperature inside your house. You don’t need to crank up the HVAC when it becomes significantly hot outside. Neither will you need to turn up the heat during the cold season. You can maintain a set schedule in the device that makes the necessary changes for maintaining specific temperature levels in your home. The best part is that you can avoid hot and cold spots when working at home.

Save Precious Time and Money

Programmable thermostats don’t require frequent or constant adjusting. You can program it to turn on the unit when required and change the temperatures as per your schedule. Manual thermostats require patience. You will be setting the desired temperature whenever you are inside.

Save Money

A major benefit of using programmable thermostats is that you will make your system more efficient. This will help you combat heating and cooling costs. You can save money by reducing your usage with energy costs continually rising. Programmable devices can set the indoor temperature to a comfortable level which will suit you and your family perfectly.

If you want, you can customize the thermostat to a set schedule that fits your lifestyle and routine. Depending on the thermostat you can schedule the device to make 6 or more changes in a particular day. You can make it hotter when the family is away or during extended vacations. You can save up to 10% on the cooling costs by turning up the thermostat by 7 – 10 degrees in a day.

Optimization of HVAC Unit

Pairing an old HVAC unit with a programmable thermostat can ensure that your unit works more efficiently. Automated thermostats reduce the workload on an aging unit. This is a smart way of making sure that you get another year out of your appliance. You can keep your system running in top condition even if you plan on purchasing a new air conditioner. Your unit can last longer when you minimize the wear and tear on it.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Programmable thermostat can ensure the entire house is kept at a comfortable temperature if there are several climate zones in your home. You can customize different areas to specific temperatures by using programmable controls. You don’t need to waste energy running heating and cooling in areas where it’s not required.

Advanced Features

There are advanced features and tools in many new programmable thermostat models. You can purchase one with Wi-Fi capabilities that can track local weather patterns for adjusting the temperature accordingly. There are a few devices that can sync with smart devices like laptop, smartphone, and tablets.

You can adjust the temperature of your home even when commuting or at work by installing a programmable thermostat that connects with the house’s network. This is a poignant way of ensuring that your house is comfortable when you get back from work without wasting energy on cooling it the entire day. 

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