Why Should You Avoid DIY HVAC Repairs?

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Why Should You Avoid DIY HVAC Repairs?

Many Northern California homeowners are tempted to try servicing their HVAC units on their own when a break down occurs. This can be for a number of reasons – you may not want to spend on a trained technician, or you may want the cooling or heating to come back on ASAP. However, before you pick up the wrench, slow down. DIY HVAC repairs may prove to be more problematic and expensive than you initially thought.

These are a few reasons why amateurs should avoid DIY repairs.

1. Putting Your Safety at Risk

Your HVAC unit may make your space comfortable and cozy, but there are several “behind-the-scenes” dangers involved in it. You may be putting yourself and your family at risk if you try and fix the unit on your own. These are just a few of the more common potential hazards:

  • Fatal electrocution or electric shock from touching electrical components
  • Explosion or fire from not handling natural gas properly
  • Poisoning from inhaling gas fumes or carbon monoxide because of an improperly vented HVAC system

These scenarios can have disastrous consequences that far outweigh saving a few bucks.

2. Messing with Equipment Efficiency

There is a lot that goes on in an air conditioner to keep it running efficiently. The wrong DIY repair can cause your system to become inefficient by drawing in too much power or not cooling effectively anymore. Even if the repair hack you use gets the system to start heating or cooling, it may not remain as efficient as before.

The worst part is that you may not be aware of this till the next utility bill comes. Your HVAC system needs to be maintained and repaired by professionals for it to operate at peak efficiency. You can easily make mistakes with essential tasks unless you are an experienced or a trained expert. For instance, you may not adjust the thermostat correctly causing more problems than before.

3. Not Having Proper Tools and Parts

Don’t think that fixing an air conditioner is as simple as using a hammer or a screwdriver. There is a wide range of specialized tools and replacement parts involved in HVAC repair. These are updated on an ongoing basis as new advances occur.

You may not be aware of these advances unless you are a trained technician. In addition, the cost of purchasing such equipment or being trained on it is beyond the means of someone not from the industry. As a rule, hiring a professional contractor makes more sense than carrying out the repairs on your own.

4. Voided Warranty

In most cases, not having an HVAC unit repaired by trained and certified professionals can cause the warranty to be voided. Before you attempt at fixing the unit, you should take a look at the fine print. Most HVAC warranties contain a clause that states it is valid only until the system is professionally maintained and repaired.

5. Longer Downtime

Nobody wants to be without a working HVAC unit for long, especially during those famous Californian GTA heatwaves. Trained technicians have the know-how and experience to diagnose the problem effectively and advise on the best solution. They will also get the problem sorted in the shortest time frame.

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