Why is Periodic AC Cleaning Necessary?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Why is Periodic AC Cleaning Necessary?

Household HVAC systems are big investments indeed. You want to make sure that they are always running smoothly and providing you good, clean air, and a comfortable temperature.

The size of your HVAC system, ductwork of the house, placement of air conditioning units and many other factors are responsible for efficient cooling. But there are certain tips you can follow to keep you HVAC system in top shape during those cold Bay Area winters and when it gets hot in the summer time.

One of the most important steps for that is regular cleaning of the system. Periodic cleaning of your AC has multiple benefits.

Reduces indoor air pollution

Pollution is not just something that exists in high amounts outdoors but also indoors. In big, populated cities (and areas such as the Bay Area) that are highly polluted, indoor air is also prone to carrying germs, bacteria, harmful dust, or fine particulate matter.

Clean indoor air is important for stellar health of all family members, especially those with low immunity, such as children and elderly folks. Pollutants from the outside air can cause allergies and infections. Regular cleaning of the system and air ducts will remove these from your house and circulate clean air.

Reduces HVAC system problems caused due to dust

When there is a lot of air pollution outdoors, some of it gets into your house through the HVAC system when the unit brings air into your house. The dust and other particles that get into your system can cause it to clog or create a barrier over the ductwork which results in the coolant not being able to do its job.

Removes pests and harmful bacteria

Apart from outdoor pollutants, there are harmful bacteria, dust mites, pests, pet hair, and mold too that collect inside your house, making indoor air very unsafe.

Cigarette smoke, paints and solvents, cleaning products and other household items also contain harmful pollutants that get trapped inside your house for a long time and also cause odors to linger.

Periodic AC cleaning not just rids your house of dust, dust mites, hair and other bacteria but also removes pests, insects or bugs like ants, spiders or roaches. This is a healthy alternative to using chemicals or sprays to disinfect the house.

Keeps your HVAC system running smoothly

AC cleaning does not only include cleaning or washing of different parts of the system. It also encompasses changing of AC and furnace filters if they have become too dirty, clearing of clogged pans and drain lines and cleaning of condenser coils. These are important to reduce the negative impact that pollutants can have on indoor air.

Increases HVAC efficiency and saves energy

When the system is not running smoothly, all parts have to work overtime, to make up and this consumes a lot of energy, which ultimately does not result in respectable cooling either. An unclean system will cause you to pay high energy costs in addition to recurring repairs.HVAC cleaning helps keep healthy, breathable air circulating throughout the house. But it also helps prevent breakdowns and unexpected, costly repairs that may occur due to lack of maintenance.

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