Why is My HVAC Making a Buzzing Noise?

Discover the possible reasons for the HVAC making a buzzing noise, including issues like a frozen HVAC unit or a malfunctioning HVAC compressor. Visit Sandium today!

Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Why is My HVAC Making a Buzzing Noise?

Your air conditioner should not make any sound louder than a satisfying hum if it’s working efficiently and properly. A strange, distracting buzz generally indicates that something is wrong with the HVAC unit in your Northern California business or home. There are several issues which can cause an AC unit to make a buzzing sound. While some are trivial issues, others can be quite serious. You should not ignore strange sounds and always call a professional air conditioning repair service.

Issues with the Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan blows air from the outside unit when an HVAC unit is turned on. The compressor unit may emit a loud buzzing sound if the inside blower is working but the fan blades don’t turn. Malfunctioning fan, loose parts, and debris within the unit can prevent the fan blades from turning. You should not attempt to fix this problem on your own. Instead, you should call a professional HVAC contractor to take care of the issue.

Loose Components

There are many moving parts inside an HVAC unit. Occasionally, certain components can come loose because of the enhanced vibration. The tiniest parts can also affect the efficiency and performance of your HVAC equipment. These damages can result in expensive issues over a period of time.

Frozen HVAC Unit

Air conditioners running for a long period of time can freeze up. This may result in a loud buzzing sound. You should turn off the HVAC unit immediately if this happens. This will give the unit enough time to thaw. Refrigerant leaks can result in frozen coils if not fixed in a timely manner. You shouldn’t delay in scheduling repair services if this happens.

Isolation Foot Damage

An HVAC compressor is almost always mounted at the base of the unit. This sits on an isolation foot made of rubber. The rubber can start cracking or deteriorating over time. The compressor may become unbalanced as a result and produce a buzzing sound.

Malfunctioning Compressor

Compressor performs an important function in any HVAC unit. It works to pressurize and cool the refrigerant. The compressor may produce a buzzing sound if it is not working properly. This may also indicate an electrical problem. You should immediately contact a trusted HVAC contractor to have the unit properly diagnosed and fixed. This is not something you should ignore.

Other Noises Made by an HVAC Unit

Just because your HVAC unit is noisy, doesn’t necessarily indicate damage. Based on that, you should still call an experienced HVAC technician if you hear any of the following noises:

  • Squealing: the belt connecting the blower to the motor may have slipped if the HVAC unit makes a squealing sound.
  • Banging or clanking: There may be a problem with the motor or blower assembly if you hear a banging or clanking sound.
  • Clicking: This sound usually originates when the unit shuts off or kicks on. However, a repeated clicking sound may signal a defective relay.
  • Rattling: This means some component in the air conditioner has come loose. Louder sounds indicate more serious problems.
  • Humming: The starting capacitor may have failed if you are hearing a humming sound.
  • Screaming: Turn off the HVAC unit immediately and call a technician. There may be something wrong with the compressor. 

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