Why is My AC Running All The Time?

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Why is My AC Running All The Time?

There are certain air conditioning units that are supposed to run constantly at full capacity all day long. You may expect your unit to run more often during hotter-than-usual summer months or heatwaves. With that said, there may be something wrong with the unit if running constantly is out of character. Fortunately, there are certain issues that can be taken care of without the need of professionals. However, for others you may require trained Northern California technicians.

Improper Thermostat Settings

Thermostats that are set to ‘on’ will tell the unit to constantly run without switching off. Your unit will run till the desired temperature is achieved when it is turned to ‘auto’. You should look at the temperature on the thermostat as well. It is possible that someone in the house lowered the settings.

Dirty Air Filter

Clogged air filters will interfere with the airflow within your house. An Air conditioner needs to work harder for attaining the desired temperature when the air filter is dirty. Based on this, dirty filters are not ideal for improving the indoor air quality.

The frequency at which you need to change the air filter depends on the unique needs of your home:

  • 90 days for houses with no allergies or pets
  • 60 days for homes with a single pet
  • 30 days for homes with family members that have breathing issues or pets

Unit is too Small

It is vital that you install an AC unit that is appropriately sized for your house. Small units need to work harder for cooling a large home. You can save money in the long run by upgrading to an air conditioner that is appropriately sized. It will help in reducing your monthly utility bill.

Dirty Coils

Evaporator coils are responsible for pulling heat and moisture out of the air before the air can enter your space. Frozen, broken or dirty coils in a unit need to work harder at keeping the house cool. Clogged or dirty condenser coil are unable to pull hot air outside. The system will run constantly or more often to keep the home at a desired temperature.

System Requires a Tune-up

Air conditioners like cars are complicated pieces of machinery and require regular tune-ups and maintenance. You should have a trained and experienced AC contractor identify any faulty parts or problems before the entire unit breaks down.

Ductwork is Not Sized Right

Ductwork that is too small cannot handle airflow coming from an air conditioner. Cool air may not reach all parts of the house. Your air conditioning unit will need to run constantly causing the electric bills to skyrocket. You should install ductwork as per the size of your air conditioning system.

Ductwork Requires Patching Up or Cleaning

Cool air will seep out of leaky ductwork before it can reach the rooms. Your AC unit will constantly run to bring the temperature down. Meanwhile, the cold air may remain trapped inside the attic or walls. Dirty ductwork clogged with grime, dust, and debris will slow the airflow. This will cause the air conditioning unit to run more.

Doors or Windows are Not Properly Insulated

Hot and humid air can seep into your home and cause the temperature to increase if the doors or windows are not insulated properly. Your air conditioning unit will work harder and run constantly for keeping the home at the desired temperature. You may need to pick extra weather stripping for sealing leaks. 

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