Who Should Perform Your AC Tune Up?

When deciding who should perform an AC tune-up, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Updated on Jul 26, 2023
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Who Should Perform Your AC Tune Up?

Air conditioners need to be maintained at least once a year to prevent breakdowns. This also helps in keeping your AC running in dependable condition. You can ensure optimal energy savings by running your air conditioner at peak efficiency which is helpful during a recession. You may need to schedule an AC tune up and maintenance visit if it has been more than a year since you had professionals take a look at your system in Northern California.

These are a few factors you need to consider while determining who should perform an AC tune up.

Skills for Repair and Maintenance

Every HVAC or air conditioning contractor is not qualified for carrying out maintenance and service tasks. In fact, installing an AC requires a different set of skills than caring for and repairing it. Installers should know how to:

  • Do plumbing for installing drain lines and pipes
  • Do carpentry work for fitting equipment into tight spaces
  • Work with sheet metal

A contractor can be an expert installer. But, it is not enough to fix or maintain modern air conditioning equipment. Service technicians need to know about:

  • Working with complex electronics
  • Diagnosing and fixing electrical problems
  • Safely handling refrigerant chemicals
  • Understanding the refrigerant cycle

Attaining a level of skill required for performing repair and maintenance jobs takes daily field experience and years of training.

Finding a New Provider for Your AC Tune Up

There are several air conditioning contractors that actually specialize in installation, but offer ongoing obligatory maintenance as a warranty service on the unit installed. It’s possible that the air conditioner was installed by a mechanical contractor. You should choose someone that specializes in AC maintenance and ongoing service.

You need service experts and not someone that doesn’t have the qualifications to perform maintenance and repairs. There are high chances that you will end up getting disappointed if you rely on these companies for maintenance. Long wait for a scheduled visit followed by an even longer wait for parts can quickly get frustrating.

Times When You Should Stick to the AC Installer

AC contractors that have a highly trained service team and a skilled installation team will be able to satisfy all your needs. You will likely get quality service from them. First, they are already aware of the intricacies of the unit because they installed it. Qualified service team has the expertise and training to spot impending problems during an HVAC repair and maintenance visit. They will correctly diagnose any issues and fix it.

Companies that perform regular service and installation are focused on keeping their customers for the long run. This means they will stand behind their work – installation and tune-up. These contractors also consider service requirements while installing an AC. For instance, they will add helpful features, such as access doors for reducing the time needed for performing a service. Specialized service providers will provide helpful solutions after considering all your ongoing needs. With that said, the service providers will help you with HVAC design adjustments if you plan on renovating your space. You can benefit from the experience of such contractors. You can be assured of a reliable system that lasts a long time and performs well. You should invest the time in choosing the right company because your comfort depends on it.

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