What You Should Know About Thermostat Placement at Home

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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What You Should Know About Thermostat Placement at Home

The thermostat of your HVAC system plays an important role in your household comfort. The thermostat is responsible for controlling the cooling and heating in your home. It also helps in adjusting the temperature of different areas within your Northern California home to ensure maximum comfort. Many people don’t consider the fact that the actual placement of the thermostat has a huge effect on the efficiency of the system.

You may experience problems with accuracy in readings if the thermostat is located in an incorrect position. You may be compromising on your energy bills and comfort. Proper placement of the thermostat has a huge impact on the heating and cooling of the house.

Places You Should Avoid

There are certain areas in house where a thermostat should never be placed. You could get negative temperature readings and inflated utility bills with wrongful thermostat placement.

1. Direct Sunlight

Thermostats that are placed in direct sunlight have higher temperature readings than the actual temperature of your home. You may notice that your cooling system is working extra hard during the summers. You may also observe that your house remains surprisingly cold during the winter months. This is because the thermostat temperature remains higher at all times because of heat from direct sunlight.

2. Near Air Vents

Thermostats that are placed too close to air vents result in false readings as well. They don’t offer the right temperature reading in your home. For instance, cool air will begin blowing when you start up the cooling system affecting temperature readings. The thermostat will get cooler or warmer much faster than the rest of your home. This will cause the thermostat to cut off before your house gets to a comfortable temperature.

3. Non-central Location

It is vital that your thermostat be placed in a central location. This is the only way you can get an accurate temperature reading. Thermostat when placed in a central location helps in making the house more comfortable. It also maximizes the system’s accuracy for reading right temperature. Conversely, thermostat devices that are placed towards the exterior corners of the house tend to read temperature differently. The thermostat in this case may not be able to regulate the temperature accurately.

Ideal Spot for Thermostat Installation

The hallway of your house towards the center is an ideal spot for installing your thermostat. You should make sure the thermostat is away from air vents and direct sunlight. It is recommended that you work with an HVAC maintenance contractor for finding the ideal location for your thermostat.

Try examining the thermostat placement if you are having issues with your cooling or heating system. Sometimes, changing the location of the thermostat can help solve a majority of issues with the HVAC system. Check whether the thermostat is placed where there is a lot of direct sunlight or near an air vent.

You should seriously consider removing the thermostat and relocating it to another place if you start noticing issues. This is an important step in making your house comfortable. Placing the thermostat in a central location away from direct sunlight, direct, heat, and air vents also allows you to keep your energy bills to a minimum.

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