What Problems Can Cause Your AC Compressor to Fail?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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What Problems Can Cause Your AC Compressor to Fail?

Your air conditioner can stop working because of any number of issues. Fortunately, not all issues are expensive to fix. However, issues related to the compressor may become expensive and cause a system breakdown if not identified or corrected in a timely manner. These are a few common issues that can cause your Bay Area AC compressor to fail. These problems can usually be detected during regular preventative maintenance of the air conditioner.

1. Dirty condenser coils

Your air conditioner relies on the condenser coil to expel heat from the system. Grime, dust, and mineral scales build up causes the compressor to work extra hard for cooling the space. Your AC compressor may overheat and fail because of the increased temperature and pressure.

2. Suction lines are blocked

It is possible for the refrigerant lines in an air conditioner to become damaged or blocked. The first thing you will notice when this happens is that the air conditioner is not cooling as it should. The increased temperature and pressure can cause AC compressor failure in this case as well if it is not detected early and fixed.

3. Refrigerant charge is low

Your air conditioner may start leaking refrigerant if the system’s refrigerant lines develop cracks or holes. The level may become so low after a while that the compressor needs to work harder for pumping enough refrigerant through the entire system for the purpose of cooling your space. The strain of doing this may eventually cause the compressor and the entire system to break down.

4. Incorrect size of suction line

You should always get an experienced AC technician to replace or repair leaky refrigerant lines. Lines that are too small or large for the system may cause the AC compressor to fail before time.

5. Excess refrigerant

Your compressor may fail if a less than qualified technician adds too much refrigerant or the wrong type of refrigerant.

6. Electrical issues

Buildup of acids may occur in the system due to an electrical failure putting undue pressure on the compressor and other parts. You need to ensure the technician tests for acid presence if you have a failed compressor. Electrical burnouts resulting in a damaged system are usually not worth repairing.However, you can easily prevent electrical problems by having a skilled technician inspect the system. Experts can spot and repair damaged fuses, wiring, and contractors before they wreak havoc in your system and cause a compressor failure.

7. System contaminants

High pressure and heat in any air conditioning system can introduce various types of contaminants in the air conditioner. Your air conditioner may suffer more if it is installed on rooftops, crawl spaces, or outdoors. Contaminants include moisture, air, dirt, leaves, debris, soot, bird droppings, acids, and pest droppings.

8. Insufficient oil lubricant

Oil lubricant in the air conditioner works like blood in the human body. The system is unable to work properly if there is not enough oil lubricant. This can result in different types of problems as well including compressor failure. You should have a trained technician check lubricant levels in the air conditioner and the condition of your oil pump to avoid this issue.

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