What May Have Caused Your AC to Stop Blowing?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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What May Have Caused Your AC to Stop Blowing?

There are times when your AC can stop blowing cool air which is not appealing in those hot Bay Area summers. You know the condenser is doing its job, but the air conditioning unit is just not blowing. There can be several reasons that can result in a disappointing lack of conditioned air blowing through the vents.

1. Power outage

Finding that your AC is not working during a heat spell, may get you worked up, but there is no reason to be alarmed. The cause may just be something as simple as power issues. Generally, unbearably hot and humid weather results in everyone cranking up their units 24/7. This can put a tremendous strain on the power grid.

Consequently, the timed settings or clock on your thermostat may need to be reset if there has been a power outage. Just to be safe, double check whether any circuit breakers are tripped and make sure the unit has power.

2. Thermostat problems

It is possible that someone who doesn’t need it so cool has turned up the thermostat. It might seem silly, but it is wise to check before calling repair technicians. Some digital thermostats are difficult to program and may not be set correctly. It may also be that the batteries in the thermostat are drained or it is faulty so proper signals cannot be sent to the system.

3. Filters are clogged

Many homeowners forget changing their filters regularly resulting in clogged filters. Air filters are a vital component of your system and can be a major reason for the AC to not be blowing. It is the job of the air filters to remove contaminants and dust from the system before it gets trapped in the equipment and ducts. Air will find it difficult to pass through if the filters are clogged. This can also cause the coils to freeze since the system will be forced to work extra hard.

4. Check vents and registers for blockages

Many times vents can get blocked when one is not mindful of their location while moving furniture around a room. Make sure you did not accidentally place a sofa in front of the vent to capture the best TV viewing angle or seating design. This could be the reason airflow is blocked.

5. Dirty condenser unit

Sometimes, lack of air from your air conditioning unit could be due to a dirty condenser unit. An outdoor condenser unit is exposed to soot, dirt, branches, twig, and other debris. Make sure the immediate environment and the condenser is clean. Otherwise, the unit shall find it difficult to access air. This could also result in the system overheating. If your condenser unit has not been maintained regularly and is especially dirty, you should call Bay Area HVAC professionals to come take care of it.

6. Leaks in the ductwork

The air won’t make it to where you need it if the ductwork has holes or cracks and is leaking. It is not highly unusual for ductworks to become riddled with holes. This can be caused by rodents that try squeezing outside among other factors.

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