Water Leakage From Your AC? These Could be The Reasons

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Water Leakage From Your AC? These Could be The Reasons

‍Water leakage from your air conditioner is certainly a cause for concern. This is an issue that will lead to cumbersome cleaning and expensive repair work.

If your AC is leaking water, it may also malfunction and not be able to provide you proper cooling inside the house. Such an inconvenience can be very frustrating, especially at the start of, or in peak Bay Area summers. Water leakage in the house results in seepage inside the walls, damage to furniture and upholstery and also increases indoor humidity and moisture, leading to mold growth.

Water leakages from the AC need to be inspected urgently. In case of leakage, it is best to avoid DIY repairs and call HVAC technicians to check and do the needful.

Here are some common causes for AC water leakage.

1. Frozen evaporator coils

It is important to first check the evaporator coils as soon as you notice water leaking from the AC. If it has ice collecting on it, the water is most probably coming from the ice melting. Do not try to chip the ice away with sharp objects. Switch off your AC and call a trained technician to determine the cause of the frozen evaporator coil.

2. Dirty or neglected coils

When regular cleaning and maintenance is not undertaken, the coils collect a lot of dirt and grime on them. All the dirt hampers the condensate from flowing easily into the drain line. The moisture that is collected may then cause leakage. Parts that are worn out or rusted can cause leaks and damage your HVAC system.

3. Problems in the drain line

The drain line is indispensable for all the condensate to flow out of your system. If the drain line gets disconnected from your AC or if it is wrongly installed, you will notice water leaking. This is an easy fix so get it done right away.

Another problem that arises from lack of maintenance is clogged drain lines and drain pans. All the dust and dirt flows into the drain line along with the condensate and blocks it. A clogged drain line results in water going back into the unit and causing leaks.

The debris that gets stuck to the insides of AC components, causes the system to run longer and work harder to cool your place. This increases your energy consumption and bills too.

4. Bad insulation

Coils have insulation that helps the condensate flow down. When the insulation is damaged, water doesn’t flow correctly but drips from any holes or cracks the coils must have developed. An HVAC professional can repair the damaged insulation.

5. Malfunctioning condensate pump

The condensate pan collects all the water that flows into it through the drain line. A condensate pump then pumps the water away, out of your house. If the condensate pump is malfunctioning, the drain pan will keep filling up and overflow.

It’s paramount to switch off your system as soon as you notice any water leaking, to avoid damage to ceiling, walls, and floors.

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