Tips to Lower Your HVAC Power Consumption Costs

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Tips to Lower Your HVAC Power Consumption Costs

Utility bills that you receive after extended use of your air conditioner throughout the summer season are often quite shocking.

It is difficult to control or reduce the use of ACs when temperature and humidity levels are very high. Your HVAC system consumes a lot of power and no matter how energy efficient your machine is, you end up with some energy loss and high bills.

Your AC unit’s power rating tells you how much power it consumes. But this number is based on ideal temperature conditions. These are rarely constant in the real world.

But there are certain measures you can take that will reduce the power consumption of your AC considerably and lower your energy bills.

Factors that affect AC efficiency

How much power your AC unit consumes will mainly depend on how old your unit is and how well it has been maintained. The layout of your house is another factor that must be taken into consideration while gauging AC efficiency.

The ductwork of the house, how air-tight it is and of course the local weather; all play a role in the efficient cooling your AC provides.

There are multiple tools available online that can help you measure your AC’s power consumption, if you wish. But even without measuring it, you can take steps to help reduce the consumption and lower energy costs.

How to lower ac power consumption costs?

Increase the temperature by 1 degree

Hardly anyone will be able to tell the difference between a room set at 71 degrees and one set at 72 degrees. AC power consumption goes on increasing with every increasing degree. So, a change of 1 degree will make a considerable difference to the amount of power your AC would use.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

An AC that runs unnecessarily consumes too much of energy. There is no need to run the AC when you are out of the house or when family members only occupy one or two rooms of the house. Cooling the rest of the house is a waste.

A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature and cooling schedule for different parts of the house.

Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of all parts

The AC will have to work more than required if air flow is being blocked due to dirt and debris collected in the air filter. Clean and service all the components regularly so that the AC functions smoothly. Also keep furniture and drapes away from ac vents.

Insulate your interiors

If a house has leaky doors and windows that allow a draft to enter, the cooling will not be sufficient as cold air will leak out and warm air can enter the house. The AC will thus have to work overtime and consume more power. Insulating pipes and the ductwork is especially important to save energy.

Upgrade your system

If possible, upgrade to a newer energy efficient system, especially if your AC is not cooling well or needs recurrent repairs.

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