Tips to Improve The Airflow in Your AC Vents

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Tips to Improve The Airflow in Your AC Vents

Does your air vent spew out a steady stream of air that feels even to your hands or face? Or, does the air flow appear inconsistent or weak. You may have a problem with the system if the airflow coming out of the vent is not strong or consistent. You should check other vents in your place as well to diagnose the problem accurately. Identify whether the weak air flow is restricted to just one vent or whether the problem is present in two or more vents as well.

You don’t always need to call a Bay Area technician to have your vents checked out. There are certain steps you can take on your own to fix the problem.

1. Air Filters

This is often the most common reason behind air flow troubles. Air filters tend to get clogged. They require regular changing. Dirt, dust, and grime build-up can limit the air flow if the filters are not changed regularly. You may also experience an increase in breathing problems and other respiratory issues. Replacing your air filters is a quick fix, which may help you resolve the air flow problem on your own.

2. Blower Motor

Your AC blower may be to blame if you are experiencing a decrease in air flow. The fan is located within the air handler. It is responsible for pushing air through the vents and ducts. You may not have enough of air flow if the blower motor is broken or is covered in an excessive amount of dirt, grime, or dust.

You need to check this by turning off the air conditioner and finding the blower motor. Clean it with a rag. Make sure your fingers don’t get caught. Contact a professional if this doesn’t help increase the air flow.

3. Evaporator Coil

Your air is cooled by the evaporator coil. Moisture in the air can cause icing on the evaporator coil when the piece gets too cold. You will notice water dripping from the indoor unit in this case. Icing can also cause issues with the vents. You should turn off the air conditioner if you suspect the evaporator coil to be covered in ice.This is to allow the ice to thaw and melt. Check the air filter to make sure it’s clean. You should also ensure that all return grates and supply registers are open. Turn on the air conditioner and let it run for a few hours. If you notice water dripping again, you should get a professional to come take a look.

4. Flex Ducts

Crushed flex ducts are usually the reason behind air flow restriction limited to just one vent. This is something you cannot repair on your own. You will need to get an AC professional to have it fixed.

5. Damper

Dampers are valves in your AC duct system. They restrict air flow to a specific area of the house or room. Sometimes, dampers close accidentally. Find the control for the dampers in the indoor unit. Opening them should fix the problem. You may need to call the professionals if you cannot find the location of the damper or air flow doesn’t improve after opening them.

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