Tips to Follow if Your HVAC Unit Suffers Flood or Storm Damage

Learn essential tips if your air conditioning unit, AC unit, or HVAC system suffers flood or storm damage. Trust Sandium for expert guidance and restoration solutions.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Tips to Follow if Your HVAC Unit Suffers Flood or Storm Damage

With the climate changing fast enough and natural calamities, such as flood, storm, and hailstorms becoming normal, your HVAC unit may need special care and protection.

You must also be aware of how to repair the HVAC units in case they get damaged due to any of these conditions.

It is important to realize that HVAC units are prone to damage often because these are installed outside and so knowing how to take care of them is a crucial tactic to use and increase the longevity of HVAC units.

Tips to prepare the HVAC Units

It is important to know how to keep the units in optimum protection and the first thing you may need to know is how to cover them?

Covering HVAC Units 

Although many people think that HVAC is enough sturdy not to suffer damages during storms, heavy rain or hailstorms, the reality is totally different.

Having a cover on HVAC units can save it from leaves, small rocks, dirt, hails, and debris. Moreover, if you live in a snowy location, having a cover can ensure that branches of trees and heavy snow do not damage the unit.

Having a cover of canvas and putting sandbags to prevent the HVAC units from moving are also great ideas. Hail guards can also be a superlative option if your location is prone to severe hailstorms.

Power Outage Management

Your HVAC unit should be unplugged in case a thunderstorm or heavy storm is in the forecast. Lightning and powerful winds may damage the units and it is best to switch the main lines off before heavy storms.

In case power lines have come down or the HVAC units get submerged in water, do NOT go near them.

Keeping the Vicinity Cleared

It is good to have the vicinity of your HVAC unit clear and unobstructed. Anything that can damage the HVAC during a natural calamity should be removed from the vicinity. This may include chairs, umbrellas, tables, benches, barbecues, and clothing, etc.

Care after the Calamities

Before switching on the HVAC electric lines, you should check if they are damaged or not. Also, never switch on an HVAC unit’s mains if there is water near and around it.

It is always great to go for an HVAC repair after a great storm or too heavy rains and/or a hailstorm. Do not forget to remove the canvas cover before inspecting the unit.

Choosing a Place for the HVAC Unit

The location of the HVAC unit is an important factor. Always take care to place the HVAC unit above the general flood water levels. It is also good to keep the units in places where there is no obstruction. If you tend to place the HVAC indoors, choose the attic and not the basement.

How to Repair and Fix HVAC Units?

It is often very easy to fix the HVAC units after a natural calamity if the damage is not severe. Consider replacing the electric circuit board, and cleaning or swiping the coils if the HVAC is malfunctioning due to such minimal damages.

However, if the damage is severe and a professional is needed to repair and fix the unit, do NOT try to do it on your own if you are not a specialist.

It is important to know when to replace parts of the HVAC units. For example, in case of a duct insulation problem, it is always better to replace the part rather than trying to fix it as bacteria buildup may affect the functioning of the unit.

It is also a good idea to install a new HVAC unit if the one you are using is old enough to save energy costs and have better cooling.

Get HVAC Units Insured

You can now get HVAC units insured within minimal costs and it is a good idea if your location is prone to severe natural calamities. It is also possible to get professional help to fix and repairs from HVAC manufacturers if you look for genuine services.

In case you are buying a new HVAC unit, do take care of all the points mentioned above to protect and increase the life of your HVAC unit.

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