Three Things That Will Prevent Any HVAC Related Health Problems For Your Family

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Three Things That Will Prevent Any HVAC Related Health Problems For Your Family

High temperatures or high humidity can cause health problems which can occur in the Bay Area.

These are more common in infants or senior citizens as these groups have a low immunity to issues caused due to bad air. Polluted air or air that contains dust particles and allergens can cause harm to everybody.HVAC systems actually give you clean air to breathe apart from keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Benefits of air conditioning systems

1. Prevention of heat-related illnesses

High temperatures can cause various health issues like strokes, nausea, and dehydration. Patients already suffering from certain illnesses may experience even more discomfort due to high heat.

2. Air filtration

Air conditioners have special filters that remove dust particles, allergens, and mold from the air. This makes your indoor air purer and safer, especially for family members who may have respiratory issues.

Heat-related problems

1. High humidity

High humidity is dangerous to your health as well as to your property. Mold and fungus grow well in humid areas and its certainly not something you want to breathe or deal with. If bacteria are able to thrive in your home owing to high humidity, there is a poignant chance of infections and illness. Mold will also spoil your furniture and linen.

2. Low humidity

Low humidity can quickly cause dry skin, dry hair, and respiratory infections. The air we breathe needs to have some amount of moisture in it. If your AC works for too long, it will evaporate all the moisture from the air and bring down the humidity levels in the house.

3. Exposure to refrigerants

It is rare that someone will come in contact with the AC refrigerant but if there is ever a leak, or repair work is done by an untrained professional, family members could get exposed to dangerous chemicals and fall seriously ill.

Three important steps to prevent any HVAC related health problems

1. Preventive maintenance

HVAC maintenance is pivotal to ensure solid health for everyone at home. Technicians will check for any moisture collection inside the components, clean fan blades, air filters, belts, and drain pans.

Cleaning these will allow your AC to circulate clean air. If air has to pass through dirty filters and vents, you will receive polluted air.

Evaporator and condenser coils must be given special attention since these are areas where moisture can accumulate.

2. Cleaning of ducts

Ductwork is somewhat difficult to access and hence does not get cleaned regularly. This allows more build up of mold and fungus, which can pollute the air being circulated around the house. Regular preventing HVAC maintenance must include duct cleaning too.

3. Installation of HEPA filters

Standard air filters that are present in HVAC systems only remove dust particles from air but not other pollutants, pollen, or mold. High Energy Particulate Air filters (HEPA) filters are required to rid the air of all these allergens.

Woven from glass fibers, HEPA filters trap more particles than normal filters do. Hence, they get dirty sooner too and need frequent changing. But these will clean indoor air and ensure your family stays healthy.

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