Things To Consider Before You Sign An HVAC Service Contract

Few factors to consider for finding the best HVAC contract for your needs.

Updated on Jul 26, 2023
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Things To Consider Before You Sign An HVAC Service Contract

HVAC service contracts are a poignant way to ensure the periodic maintenance your system needs while saving money over the long term. Moreover, variations among different contracts make it necessary for a Bay Area homeowner to carefully consider available options. Here are a few factors to consider for finding the best HVAC contract for your needs.

Types of Components Covered

You shouldn’t assume that your contract will cover everything related to your HVAC system. There are several companies that only handle certain parts of specific models. You need to read the contract carefully to determine the type of equipment that is supposed to be repaired or maintained by the contract. You should enter a contract that covers blower, condenser, and other major parts.

Reputation of the Contractor

You will be stuck with an HVAC service company for a while after signing a contract with them. You need to consider the company’s reputation. Disreputable contractors may make you sign up for services you don’t really need. Do more than just go through the company’s website. You need to make sure its fully insured and a state-licensed company. Check businesses and online reviews to learn more of what other people think.

Range of Services Offered

Carefully go through the contract to determine the type of services on offer. Don’t assume anything unless it is explicitly stated in the contract. Most HVAC contracts are divided into maintenance plus repairs or maintenance only contracts. Maintenance-only contracts cover services, like:

  • Checkups on thermostats
  • Filter changes
  • Removal of dust and buildup
  • Inspection of the unit
  • Inspection of electrical connections
  • Lubrication of moving parts

Contracts that cover repair will essentially be helpful if anything breaks down. You should check whether labor and parts are covered though.

Repair Inclusions

You may want to think about what counts as repair when deciding between maintenance-only and maintenance plus repair contracts. Things are not always as cut and dry as it seems. The contract should specifically state the manner in which all types of repairs are handled. Minor issues are present in all maintenance contracts. It’s useful to know how these will be handled to prevent unexpected expenses.

Scheduling Visits

The contract should indicate the number of visits in a year and the manner in which they will be scheduled. In general, maintenance visits are scheduled twice a year. With that said, you may want additional visits if you have an older system that is under a lot of stress. You may also want to consider priority scheduling in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to check the contract to determine whether the company will contact you automatically when it’s time to schedule a visit.

Costs of the Contract

An HVAC contract should ideally save you money in the long-term. You should carefully consider all cost aspects. Look at the individual price of maintenance services and compare them with the total price of the contract. The manner in which the contract covers repairs is an important factor when analyzing costs. Take your time in reading the fine print to avoid any unexpected costs.

Renewal Options

Check the HVAC agreement to determine whether the contract automatically renews or expires after a certain date. Automatic renewal can be helpful if you like the contractors and don’t want to end up without coverage accidentally. Contracts with a defined end date can be helpful if you are unsure of whether you want to stick with the company or not.

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