The Ultimate HVAC Troubleshooting Guide

Explore the HVAC troubleshooting guide for central air conditioners and HVAC units. Trust Sandium for expert assistance with your central air unit and HVAC system issues.

Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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The Ultimate HVAC Troubleshooting Guide

It can take days or weeks for you to get an experienced air conditioner repair professional to visit your home during peak season. But, you and your family depend on the air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable during the hot sweltering months. Sometimes, it is not enough to pop open a window or run a fan. Fortunately, there are several instances in which you can fix your own air conditioner.

These are a few troubleshooting tips to fix common issues so that you can get your Bay Area home comfortable quickly.

Check the Thermostat

Sometimes, an air conditioner not working is due to something as small and silly as an improperly set thermostat. This is highly common in households with many family members. You may experience the same problem if you recently had a new thermostat installed and don’t know how to set it correctly.

Incorrectly set thermostat may result in the air conditioner not working the way you want it to. You could have the thermostat set to heating instead of cooling, which may cause hot air to blow from the vents. It’s easy to forget to switch to cool when seasons change. Double check the thermostat settings before you assume that your air conditioner is broken.

Change Thermostat Batteries

It is possible that the thermostat batteries have run out. Your air conditioner’s thermostat cannot communicate with the main unit without working batteries. This may cause the air conditioner to malfunction.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

One of the most common causes of hot air blowing from the vents is clogged air filter. When was the last time you replaced or cleaned the filter? You may be dealing with a clogged air filter if it has been more than 3 months. Modern air conditioners, in particular, are sensitive to dirty filters. It’s time to change the air filter if you cannot remember the last time it was replaced.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Another thing to check is the circuit breaker. Has it tripped? You will have to reset the circuit breaker if it has tripped. However, be careful and call the professionals if it trips again. This could be indicative of an electric fault.

Check Air Vents

You need to ensure that all air vents and ducts are clear. If they are clogged by dust or dirt, then air won’t be able to flow properly. Sometimes, a simple cleaning of the air vents can also get the air conditioner working properly. If possible, you should check the air ducts too. There could be a block, clog, or leak. Mold and pest infestation will also prevent your air conditioner from functioning properly.

Call an HVAC Professional

There are several things you can do to tackle common problems. However, there are certain issues that should only be fixed by a seasoned HVAC professional. These are:

  • Strange noises coming from the HVAC unit
  • Problems with the outdoor unit
  • Air conditioner that is improperly installed

Electrical concerns and refrigerant issues should also be only dealt by trained technicians. You should not try to fix problems with the outdoor unit since that may void warranty. Make sure you never delay calling professionals. Minor air conditioner repairs can quickly turn into major concerns if not handled in time.

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