Steps To Restart Your HVAC When The Season Begins

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Steps To Restart Your HVAC When The Season Begins

Throughout the Bay Area summer, the air conditioner keeps you cool and reduces indoor humidity. After the season, it’s a good time to give your HVAC system some much-needed rest. But you should know how to restart your air conditioner correctly when the hot season rears its flaming head. This guide will lead you through the processes for safely and securely restarting the AC unit. 

Steps to restart

Step 1: 

Shut off the central air conditioning system in your house with the thermostat. 

Step 2:

The main distribution panel is usually snug against a wall. Occasionally it is colored to match your home, but mostly it is a simple metallic hue. This panel will contain the AC circuit breaker. Any of the following places may have the HVAC main distribution panel with the breaker switch:

  • Closets
  • Laundry area
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Crawling places
  • In the exterior of your house (in some cases)

Step 3: 

Make sure the circuit breaker controlling your air conditioner is off. Find the breaker switch that regulates the energy of your HVAC system. Leave the button in the "off" setting.

Step 4: 

Wait for a minimum of one minute before switching the breaker back to the "on" setting.

Step 5: 

Turn on the unit at the thermostat after waiting 30 minutes. The wait time allows the opportunity for your system's internal circuit breaker to get reset.

Step 6: 

After waiting for about 30 minutes, cautiously reset your thermostat to "cool." Ensure the thermostat has calibrated a minimum of five degrees below the current room temperature to determine whether it is functioning as it should.

The entire process is effortless if your air conditioner has a reset button. 

So, where is the reset button for an AC unit?

You must search for the reset button on your outdoor unit to see if your system has it. The reset button on an AC is frequently red and noticeable. Carefully check the outer surface of your appliance for it, paying attention to the bottom edge close to the floor. If a reset button isn't visible on the exterior, it could be tucked away inside the device behind the service panel. Once you find it, click it and wait for the issue to get fixed.

When your outdoor unit has no restart button

Try these manual restart processes if you don't have a restart button:

  • Usually, the condenser is in a shutoff panel next to the unit. Turn off the power.
  • After this process, turn off the breaker in your circuit breaker box and cut off the unit's electricity.
  • For safety, disable the system and unhook the unit from the power supply. Ensure the AC unit is not getting any electricity at all.
  • Ascertain that "cool" is the setting on your thermostat. Next, turn the breaker on before turning on the external power source.

When to contact an HVAC professional service provider?

If your AC is still not working or if you notice that your circuit breaker continues tripping, you must not attempt to reset your AC unit multiple times.

Other possible reasons could be:

  • Clogged filter
  • Power supply issue
  • Defective wiring
  • Fan motor
  • Compressor malfunction

The trouble could be with a circuit breaker, finding the reset button, or more complicated in some cases. Call your friendly neighborhood professional HVAC service providers to get things up and running again.

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