Size Matters When You Are Choosing an HVAC Unit

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Size Matters When You Are Choosing an HVAC Unit

When you are installing a new HVAC system or upgrading your current one, size is of prime importance. Many may be tempted to install the same sized system as the old one. This may or may not be correct, depending on whether your older system was the right size. Many believe that getting a bigger system is better and will serve all their purposes.

This is another myth and can do more harm than good. Under sized systems will not function well enough to provide the conditioned air your Northern California house needs. Over sized systems will keep running and switch Off and On often, failing to reduce indoor humidity and also increasing your energy bills.

What happens if your HVAC system is small for your house?

When your system is too small for the house, it will unnecessarily run all the time, trying in vain to make indoor temperature comfortable. But the smaller size will not suffice for a large home and you will end up paying high energy bills even when you do not have a comfortable indoor ambience.

What happens if your HVAC system is too big for your house?

When a system is too big for a space, it keeps shutting OFF and restarting constantly. This is called short cycling. The system will draw more power due to this, raising your utility bills.

Short cycling also results in uneven cooling, so you will experience hot and cold spots around the house. Short cycling puts a lot of stress on the various components of the system and there will be high wear and tear of parts.

As the system runs only for a short duration before shutting down and restarting, it fails to remove the humidity from indoor air, leaving the place feeling sticky. Moisture content in indoor air can also lead to the growth of mold.

How does the right sized HVAC system help?

If you size your HVAC system correctly, your place will be comfortable. The unit will run more efficiently and lower your energy costs. 

What factors is HVAC size based on?

It is important to get your house inspected by professional HVAC contractors so that they can suggest to you the appropriate system size for your house. Load and space calculations are done for each room, which determine the heating and cooling requirements for you.

Apart from the size of your home, your heating and cooling requirements and current conditions also depend on building construction material, the area you live in, local climate, amount of sun and shade the house receives, number of doors and windows, and the presence of heat generating appliances in the house. Moreover, it’s vital to keep in mind the occupancy of the house and number of residents.

How to find out the correct size for your HVAC system?

Do not rely on guesswork or get impressed by advertising and choose a system that is not appropriate for your house. Get in touch with a certified HVAC company whose technicians can guide you through the buying and installation process.

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