Signs That Your HVAC System is Failing And Needs Repair

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Signs That Your HVAC System is Failing And Needs Repair

Air conditioners are one of the most useful and valuable equipment installed in a Northern California home. When these machines develop problems, it affects the comfort of your entire family. If you ignore initial signs and symptoms, your air conditioner may develop persistent problems that diminish their performance. It may also result in costly repairs or force a replacement. These are a few signs that your air conditioner is failing and needs repair.

AC Doesn’t Turn On

Air conditioner is an electrical appliance and needs to be plugged in. Generally, an air conditioner doesn’t turn on because of damaged thermostat and electrical faults. You need professional AC service provider regardless of the problem. This will ensure your air conditioner is accurately fixed.

Air Conditioner Runs Constantly

Your air conditioner should run for extended periods of time when the temperature outside is very hot. However, air conditioners are designed in such a manner that they shut off after reaching the desired temperature. The AC is supposed to come back on when the desired level of temperature has been achieved. The thermostat is responsible for this.

This helps keep the power consumption low. It also allows for extending the lifespan of the air conditioner. You may need to pay higher utility bills if the AC is running constantly. You may be forced to replace the equipment sooner as well. Typically, this problem is because of a malfunctioning thermostat. You should work with a professional AC service provider for ensuring the issues are fixed before they lead to expensive consequences.

Unusual Noise from the Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are not designed to run without any noise. The sound made from an AC unit can tell you a lot about its condition. You should know how your AC sounds when it is running for a significant length of time. Damaged bearing, damaged fan motor, and lack of lubrication are a few usual concerns that can cause an AC to make unusual noises.

You should have the problem promptly fixed regardless of the issue. Ignoring issues of this type may result in more serious AC emergencies. Professionals can accurately diagnose the source of noise. They can ensure that the problem is fixed properly.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is located within the indoor unit and is among the most important components. The refrigerant within this coil absorbs heat from the indoor air. The hot gaseous refrigerant travels to the outdoor condenser unit where it releases the heat and gets converted to a liquid form. It gets pumped back to the evaporator coil and the process continues.

You may be looking at a major AC failure if the surface of the evaporator coil is covered in ice. This means the refrigerant is frozen and you may end up damaging the compressor. You will need to replace the air conditioning equipment.


Refrigerant is responsible for removing excess humidity from the air. Water vapor condenses in the indoor air which is drained through the condensate drain line. Water will back up towards the AC if the drain line is clogged. This may cause water leaks inside or create a pool near the outdoor unit. You should have a trained technician take a look at the AC before it causes any further problems.

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