Signs That it is Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Signs That it is Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System

It may be time for a replacement if your HVAC system is not working as it used to. The initial investment in an upgrade may seem daunting, but the system will quickly be worth it in terms of reduced energy costs and better technology. In addition, upgrades always improve the resale value of your Bay Area home.

These are 5 signs that you need to upgrade your HVAC system.

1.  Increased Running Cycles

Generally, HVAC systems that are old and need replacing tend to run more often and stay on for longer than usual to attain the desired temperature. This can be because of a failing blower motor or bad coils. While you can have these parts replaced, if your system is older than a decade, you should seriously consider an upgrade.

If there is nothing wrong with the coils and blower motor, it means your unit is unable to produce enough air for your home. This makes it work harder to achieve the desired temperature. You would be wasting money on repairs on such a system.

2. The HVAC System Is Loud

Most HVAC units get louder as they age. You should consider a replacement in the case of the following noises:

  • The outdoor unit is louder than usual
  • The blower is making a loud humming noise
  • The furnace is banging and groaning
  • There is a funny noise before the unit starts up

Sometimes, noises can be a result of a loose or damaged part. But, usually, they are because of complex issues with the motors, fans, blowers, and other parts.

3. Frequent Repairs

Most parts in an HVAC system can be replaced or repaired individually. However, if you are not careful you may end up spending more on repairs than a new system. For instance, coil fans, compressors, and motors are not worth replacing. The upfront cost of getting a new system may seem like a lot, but constant repairs tend to be most costly in the long run.

4. Ill-maintained HVAC System

Regular maintenance is vital to the health and longevity of your HVAC system. You should have a professional take a look at your unit at least once every year. Maintenance goes a long way in catching minor problems before they escalate into major troubles.

They help in increasing the unit’s lifespan. It may be too late with your current system if you have not had it maintained regularly. You would know you have reached the point of no return if the unit constantly malfunctions or breaks down.

5. HVAC System is Over a Decade Old

Well-maintained units can easily last longer than 10 years. However, you should still consider upgrading the model because of advances made in HVAC technology. You could save on energy costs and prevent unnecessary expenses relating to replacements and repairs.

The energy efficiency of newer models alone makes upgrading worth it. Even the best HVAC systems from over 10 years ago don’t come close to matching the energy efficiency standards of today’s systems. Newer units come with other smart features as well, such as programmable or digitized thermostats.

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