Signs That Indicate a Failing Blower Motor of Your HVAC

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Signs That Indicate a Failing Blower Motor of Your HVAC

The blower motor in your HVAC system will be more prone to failure as it goes through wear and tear with the passage of time. If your AC is old or is frequently breaking down, chances are that the blower motor could be failing. Here are a few signs that will tell you when it is time to replace the blower motor of your HVAC unit:

The Airflow is Weak

When the airflow from the AC vents is weak, it is often an early indicator that your HVAC unit’s blower motor is faulty. It reveals that the blower motor is stressing out to push adequate air through the ducts. Apart from the aging motor, other reasons for this condition could be a bad capacitor or a buildup of dust and dirt. A trained HVAC technician can resolve this problem, if the capacitor is bad or there is dirt buildup. But if the motor is close to the end of its service life, it may be time to replace it.

The Airflow has Completely Stopped

If no airflow is happening from the vents, it may indicate that the blower motor has broken down to a point where it has completely stopped functioning. This means you will have to go for a replacement. But the stoppage of airflow could also occur because of a defective thermostat, fan control issues, a bad battery or bad relay. The right way to identify the problem and fix it quickly is to call a qualified HVAC professional for help.

Your Energy Bills are Inexplicably Going Up

In your HVAC system, the maximum energy is consumed by the blower motor. If you find that your monthly energy bill is unusually high, it might be because of a faulty motor. An aging, dirty or problematic motor will have to work much harder to ensure proper air circulation in all the areas of your home. This will result in higher energy consumption. If your AC unit is past its prime or it has a one-speed blower motor, you may consider replacing it with a smart model with variable speed. This type of motor will adjust automatically to the varying cooling requirements of your home and thereby cut down your energy costs.

Unusual Sounds from the HVAC Unit

Trouble with the blower motor could cause your HVAC unit to make strange sounds. A skilled HVAC technician can fix some of the problems that create strange sounds, but in other cases, the technician may recommend motor replacement. For instance, your blower motor may have the problem of damaged bearing or belt if it is causing a screeching or squealing sound. Your HVAC technician can repair this problem. But if the blower motor is making loud clanking or rattling sounds, it could mean more damage to the motor, necessitating a replacement.

The Blower Motor is Overheating

Overheating of the blower motor may occur for various reasons. Grime and dust may collect around the motor, which causes overheating because the motor is unable to vent itself. Servicing of the blower motor by a Bay Area professional can solve the problem. But if the component has aged and is overheating because of excessive strain, replacing the motor may be the right answer.

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