Should You Go For Duct or Ductless Air Conditioning For Your Home?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Should You Go For Duct or Ductless Air Conditioning For Your Home?

The main factor to consider when choosing a new air conditioning system for your NorCal home is whether you are installing an entirely new system or just replacing the old one. There are many options in the market.

Knowing the different types of air conditioning systems, their advantages, disadvantages, and installation requirements can help you understand what will work best for your house.

The two fundamental types of air conditioning systems include ducted air conditioning and ductless air conditioning.

A. Ducted air conditioning

In a ducted air conditioning system, cool air is transported around the house through sheet metal ducts installed inside the walls and ceiling of your house.

B. Ductless air conditioning

A ductless air conditioning system does not make use of pre-installed ductwork but sends refrigerant to multiple small air handlers (also called blowers) throughout your home. These blowers individually work to remove heat from the various rooms.

When should you choose a ducted air conditioning system?

1. When ductwork is already in place

If your house already has the ductwork for air conditioning, and it is in suitable condition, it will be easy for you to just connect a new AC with the existing ducts. This will be quick and less expensive as well.

2. If high humidity is a problem

If you live in an area where humidity is very high, you should prefer a ducted system that has the required mechanism to remove moisture from air. The air handlers of ductless systems are not so well-equipped to do this task and drain away the moisture.

3. When better air flow is a priority

Ductless systems cool each room individually. This can lead to air pressure problems or stagnant air in the house. Ducted systems ensure that air circulates well in your space.

4. If you want to keep maintenance expenses low

Ducted systems are easy and less expensive to maintain as there are lesser parts involved. It is the outdoor unit and the indoor unit that require most attention. With ductless systems, every room of your house will have an indoor unit that needs maintenance.

4. When you are looking for better aesthetic design

With ducted air conditioning, all the ducts are hidden within your walls and crawl spaces, ensuring that no units interfere with your interiors and décor. You won’t have indoor units showing in every room.

When should you choose ductless systems?

1. When there is lack of space

In residences where there is no space for ductwork in the ceiling or walls, ductless ACs do the job well.

2. If you want different cooling zones

Air handlers in every room can be controlled independently depending on the cooling requirements.

3. If you are adding a room

A new, additional room or garage, for instance can be cooled with a ductless AC rather than spending on new ductwork for that room.

4. When you are looking to reduce dust

Ducted systems tend to collect some dust and circulate it in the air. Ductless systems won’t have this problem.

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