Should a Qualified Technician Perform Your AC Tune-Up?

Why is it crucial to have a qualified technician perform your AC tune-up service? Find competitive AC tune-up costs near you. Also know HVAC check up cost at Sandium.

Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Should a Qualified Technician Perform Your AC Tune-Up?

You must have been told by the installer that your air conditioner needs to be maintained at least once every year. Regular air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups are important if you want to keep the system working in good condition and prevent breakdowns. Another reason to get regular air conditioner maintenance is to keep your system running at peak efficiency. This will help you get the promised energy savings.

Simply getting your AC maintained is not enough. You need to make sure the air conditioner is maintained by a properly trained and qualified Bay Area technician.

Necessary Skills Required for Repairs and Maintenance

All HVAC companies don’t have the necessary skills or equipment for maintaining and servicing an air conditioner. You should know that installation and servicing take different skillsets. For instance, where installers need to know carpentry and plumbing work, service technicians should have a better understanding of the working of an air conditioner.

These are a few necessary skills required by a trained technician to be able to maintain an HVAC system:

  • Work with complex electronics
  • Fix electrical problems
  • Safely handle refrigerant chemicals
  • Understand the refrigerant cycle

It takes years of training and field experience to gain the right level of skills required for performing repair and maintenance. AC installers don’t generally have the same level of expertise.

Should You Find a New Provider?

There are several instances when you should stick with the company you already have and when you should search for a new contractor. These are explained in detail below:

Change the current contractor

You should change your current air conditioning company if they don’t have in-depth knowledge of your system. Your air conditioner may have been installed by a contractor hired by the builder. They may only specialize in installation and not ongoing service. It will be smarter for you to choose an expert for tune-up and any ongoing service.

You may end up being disappointed if you rely on these companies for service. You may have to experience long waits for parts, response, and multiple visits.

Stick to your current AC company

You should stick to the current contractor if they have a skilled installation team and a trained service team. They would already be aware of the system and everything going on in it since they installed it. Such information proves to be helpful when performing an AC tune up or maintenance visit later on.

Qualified service team has the expertise and training for spotting impending problems during a maintenance visit. They can do a better job of diagnosing and repairing any issues. Companies that provide installation as well as servicing want customers for the long term. This means they will stand by their work. You don’t need to worry about a shoddy job.

They will also consider helpful features while installing the system. For instance, they would add access doors during installation that would shorten the time required for servicing. This also helps in saving you money. Quality service technicians will provide helpful solutions after considering your ongoing needs.

For instance, they would be able to help with HVAC design adjustments if you need to renovate your existing space. Such service providers may also recommend and install the right ventilation and air purification issues for maintaining healthy indoor air in the wake of the covid or Wuhan virus pandemic.

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