Risks of DIY HVAC Repairs

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Risks of DIY HVAC Repairs

Many Bay Area homeowners get tempted to take care of their HVAC systems on their own when it breaks down. This can be because you want immediate heating or cooling and don’t want to wait for a trained technician. It could also be because you are trying to save some cash. However, DIY furnace fixes and air conditioner repairs can cause more trouble than good. There are severe expenses and risks involved. You can place your wallet, physical safety, and the proper functioning of the equipment at risk with DIY heating and cooling repair.

These are the top reasons why you should not consider repairing your HVAC unit on your own.

Safety Risks

Residential HVAC systems contain a lot of potential hazards and dangers when repaired by an amateur. The systems may make you feel cozy and comfortable, but they are highly dangerous. You may suffer the following risks if you try to fix the equipment on your own:

  • Fatal electrocution or electric shocks from touching the wrong components
  • Explosion or fire from mishandling natural gas
  • Improperly vented HVAC system resulting in gas poisoning from fumes or carbon monoxide

These disastrous scenarios may not just affect you, but everyone else in your household.

Equipment Efficiency Risks

It is possible the system may not operate at peak efficiency. This is even if your DIY hack got the heating or cooling going on. You are prone to making mistakes with essential tasks if you are not a trained and experienced expert. This involves ensuring optimal drainage or airflow and adjusting the thermostat among other things.

Lack of Proper Parts or Tools

You cannot fix an air conditioner by swinging a hammer or wielding a screwdriver. You need a range of specialized replacement parts and tools for HVAC repair. Every system gets updated periodically with new advancements in HVAC tech.

The average handyperson cannot keep up with the cost of purchasing the equipment and necessary training for using it. You can make it easier on yourself by hiring professionals to service your unit.

Voiding Warranty

Have you read the fine print on your air conditioning and furnace warranties? Most makes and models contain a clause that state that the warranty is void only till the time the system is professionally maintained and repaired.

This means that you need a trained HVAC professional to repair and service the system. You could end up wasting a lot of money by trying to save a little cash through your quick DIY. Without warranty you may not be able to replace or change components when something goes wrong. Generally, the compressor warranty is the most important warranty.

Longer Time to Fix

HVAC repair should be completed as carefully and quickly as possible. You don’t want to be without a working air conditioner or a functional furnace when there are extreme temperatures outside. Experienced heating and cooling professionals are aware of the necessary technical know-how for diagnosing a problem.

They will recommend the best solution that is both time and cost effective. They will get the repairs performed in the shortest possible time frame. An amateur will probably take twice as long to troubleshoot the problem and it may not even be done properly. They may not assemble the tools needed or put back the system properly as well which could be another issue in its own right. 

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