Regular AC Maintenance is Vital to Preserve of Expensive Home Décor

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Regular AC Maintenance is Vital to Preserve of Expensive Home Décor

Air conditioning is vital to comfortable indoor temperature and for the health of all family members – certainly during those hot Bay Area summers.

But AC failure in expensively decorated houses will damage much more than your health. In high end houses, a lot of furniture and furnishing requires air conditioning to maintain them in terrific condition.

Art work as well and your dog and/or cat! Art and pets don’t want to be too hot or hot at all.

Problems caused due to faulty air conditioning

Bad air conditioning can cause a lot of damage to luxury apartments and houses, as these often have expensive and custom-made flooring, wallpapers, artwork, upholstery, antiques and tailor-made furniture; all out of expensive fabric and high-quality wood.

Air conditioning that does not work appropriately will not just bring on an expensive AC repair but prove to be a great loss to home-owners if any of the customized fittings in the house get spoilt due to moisture and mold.

Excessive moisture and humidity

If the AC isn’t functioning the way it should, indoor temperature will go up, giving rise to the presence of moisture and high humidity in the air. This is really bad for wood, cloth, and metal – all of which is a part of expensive home décor.

Water leakage

Luxury home owners who often go on extended trips may often not notice malfunctioning air conditioning immediately. Problems with your AC that are not repaired immediately can lead to water leakage, causing damage to walls, cupboards, and furniture. No one wants that!

You can have mold issues as well!

How regular AC maintenance helps prevent damage to homes

AC maintenance is like an insurance for all expensive furnishing in the house. As long as your air conditioning is working properly, your home décor will be taken care of.

Timely detection of malfunction

Preventive AC maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. A trained technician checks all components of the air conditioner regularly.

If there is a leak or any malfunction, the problem can be detected and repaired right away, saving home owners from extensive damage to the house and high repair costs later. Loose wiring, faulty motor or fan, dirty coils, and filters can lead to big problems if not cleaned and repaired in time.

Replacement of parts

With use, certain parts are bound to wear away. Replacing these in time, will ensure that your AC functions well, makes less noise and that there is no need for extensive repairs in future.

Thorough cleaning

Cleaning is a part of preventive AC maintenance and will keep your system dust and dirt free. If your AC is not clean, it will not function well and will also not provide you clean air.

Clogged drains or condenser coils full of grime are not healthy for your air conditioning system and neither for your health. Keeping AC parts clean will make sure that the system does not have to work over time to cool the place. This will also increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly bills.

Regular inspection and cleaning will help avoid water leaks, high humidity and polluted air, all of which is hazardous to human health as well as to expensive décor.

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