Reasons Why Your HVAC Airflow is Becoming Problematic

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Reasons Why Your HVAC Airflow is Becoming Problematic

When there is a malfunction in your HVAC system, it is generally manifested through noises, hissing sounds, lack of cold air, blowing of warm air, leakages, or coolant level issues. Problematic airflow is one of the common problems of HVAC systems.

But not everyone knows how to identify whether you are experiencing airflow issues or something else and how to fix them.

Identifying airflow problems

If you are facing the following issues with your HVAC system, you can narrow down the causes to airflow problems.

Hot and cold areas in the house

If you experience uneven cooling in the same area of the house, airflow is a concern. When your room AC is not cooling every corner of the room and some spots remain warm, it is a sign of unequal airflow.

Lack of airflowIf there is no air coming out of your AC vents or if there is very weak airflow, there is definitely a problem in your system. This could be an overall problem or in just one or two particular vents.

Imbalance in air pressure

When sudden drafts are noticed, doors and windows are slamming shut by themselves, or when there are whistling noises, air pressure imbalance in the HVAC system, leading to poor airflow could be the problem.

Receiving warm air

Your air conditioner is designed for cooling and allows only cool air to flow out of the vents. The moment you feel warm air coming out of the vents, you must get a technician checking your system right away.

Importance of timely repairs

It is important to get any AC issues fixed immediately. This can be done on your own, if you can identify the problem and know how to fix it, or by a trained technician.

But ignoring any problem or prolonging repairs could lead to compressor failure. The compressor is the main component of your AC and if it fails, you will be facing huge repairs and bills.

Causes of airflow problems

Now that you know how to identify airflow issues, you must know what causes them so you can take appropriate measures to resolve the issue.

Obstruction in the condenser unit

The condenser unit is located outdoors and thus, is prone to obstruction of air flow caused by falling leaves, dirt, and debris. Clearing this obstruction will ensure smooth airflow to the condenser.

Vents blocked by furniture or curtains

AC vents often get blocked due to drapes or furniture, especially in small areas. This affects airflow and does not give you efficient cooling. So, make sure vents and registers have nothing placed in front of them.

Clogged filters

AC filters are important because they filter the air and keep dirt and debris out of the air that is reaching you. Over time, there is a lot of deposit on this filter which needs to be cleaned or replaced. Using a dirty filter will hamper airflow, create hot and cold spots in the room, and also give you terrible air to breath.

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