Reasons Why Your Home HVAC May be Malfunctioning

Common reasons for home HVAC malfunctions and the importance of air conditioning repair and AC repair services. Trust Sandium for reliable solutions for your HVAC system.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Reasons Why Your Home HVAC May be Malfunctioning

The HVAC system is a complex unit that comprises of multiple components. Despite regular preventive maintenance and cleaning, the different parts undergo wear and tear; and can have some issues from time to time.

When electrical parts of your AC give trouble, it is important to decide whether you can and should resolve the problem by yourself or call a Bay Area HVAC technician for repairs. If you understand HVAC systems well and know troubleshooting methods, you can go for it. But this is advisable only if it is a minor problem.

Otherwise, unless you are a licensed electrician, working with dangerous high voltage circuits of the AC is best avoided. Whether you undertake minor repairs yourself or call a technician, it is useful to know what kind of troubles the electrical parts of your AC could face. This can help you understand the extent and urgency of the issue.

1. Wrong fuse

A fuse that is incompatible with your system or wrong for the HVAC model you have, could cause electrical problems. A wrong fuse could have been put in place during some earlier repairs.

2. Loose wire

The AC has many wires inside it and even if one of these becomes loose, it can cause a system malfunction. Loose wires need to be checked immediately to prevent a short circuit.

3. Short in the wiring

Sometimes, wires receive more electricity than what they are designed to handle. This can happen when the power comes back on after an outage. If the system is old, the wires may be weak. These can cause a short in the circuit, which is a potential fire hazard.

4. Dirty fuse

All parts of the AC need to be kept clean. This includes the fuses. Any debris on the fuse can hamper the flow of electricity and the connection.

5. Bad capacitor

An important component of the HVAC system, the capacitor stores charges and regulates power to the unit. Failure of the capacitor could lead to frequent AC malfunctions.

Apart from these, if the following conditions prevail in your home, you probably have electrical issues in the HVAC system.

1. Electricity bills are suddenly high

Usage of ACs contributes significantly to your monthly electricity bill. The bills depend on usage, but if you suddenly notice that the total is way too high than your usual budget, it may be an indication of electrical issues in the system.

2. AC malfunctions after a power outage

Power outages, especially during heavy rains and thunderstorms could be dangerous for your air conditioner. The power comes back on with a surge and could be too much for the components of your AC to handle. Sometimes, there are voltage fluctuations that can cause a short in the wiring. Contact with rain water is another issue that could lead to electrical problems inside the unit.

3. The circuit breaker keeps tripping

Tripping of the circuit breaker could be an indicator of electrical issues in the system. Do not keep resetting it frequently. Get it checked by a technician.

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