Problems With Your AC Cooling? Here Are The Solutions

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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Problems With Your AC Cooling? Here Are The Solutions

Have you ever had trouble with an air conditioning unit that blows hot air instead of cooling the space? This can be a very troubling thing to happen, especially during hot Bay Area summer months. There are several reasons for an air conditioning system to not function the way it is intended. This post will help you with solutions to common air conditioning problems.

1. Air Filter is Dirty

One of the most common reasons for window and split air conditioners to not work is clogged or dirty air filters. There are various problems with an AC filter that is not clean. It may interfere with the functioning of the thermostat. When AC filters are dirty, they block the passage of warm and cool air within the ducts. This can also cause the evaporator coil to freeze, blocking cool air passage from the outlet. It is recommended that you replace or clean the air filter.

2. Thermostat Settings are Not Correct

You should check whether the thermostat is set according to your needs if your HVAC system is not cooling. You should try and switch the thermostat settings to ‘Auto’ mode instead of keeping them on ‘On’ mode. The fan in this case will work only when the air is actually being cooled.

3. Outside Unit is Dirty

You should know how an air conditioner works to understand the impact of a dirty condenser unit. This is the basic of an air conditioner:

  • The inside unit or evaporator unit is responsible for absorbing warm air from your home. This air is transferred to the outside air conditioning unit.
  • The outside unit or condenser will condense the hot air into cool air using refrigerant in the evaporator and condenser coil.

You may not get proper cooling from your air conditioning unit if the condenser is clogged. Dirt and debris may block even heat transfer as well. You should clean the condenser and ensure that there is no plants or foliage blocking it. Condensers need room to breathe and function properly. Your air conditioner will not work properly if the compressor is damaged or faulty.

4. Motors are Faulty

The outdoor unit will be unable to dissipate heat if the motor of the fan is faulty or broken. This may interfere with the cooling ability of the air conditioning unit. This is not a DIY problem. You should hire professionals to replace or repair the faulty motor. You should not run the air conditioner in this state.

5. Refrigerant Levels are Low

Refrigerant in the air conditioner is vital to the functioning of your air conditioner. This fluid is responsible for absorbing heat from the surrounding air. Your air conditioner may not be able to cool your space if there is insufficient refrigerant in the unit.

It is possible that the refrigerant has leaked if an air conditioning system is not cooling adequately. You can prevent this problem by getting your air conditioner serviced at regular intervals. Hissing or bubbling noise means there is a refrigerant leak. Ice buildup on the outside unit is indicative of this as well. You should make sure the professional you call repairs the leak before topping off the refrigerant.

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