Periodic Maintenance Can Eliminate Nagging Troubles With Your Air Conditioning

Discover how maintenance can resolve nagging troubles with your air conditioning system. Trust Sandium for professional AC repair and air conditioning repair services.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Periodic Maintenance Can Eliminate Nagging Troubles With Your Air Conditioning

One of the most common issues with the HVAC systems is that they can become affected by the environment and start malfunctioning often. Sort of like cars.

Whether it is dirt or debris that entangles its outlets or a more severe problem of the cooling unit getting clogged, HVAC system, especially air conditioners need regular and periodic maintenance to stay at their peak performance levels.

However, don’t get disheartened if you are facing common issues with your AC. Here are three of the most common problems and their solutions regarding the issues that can be solved with periodic maintenance.

1. The AC losing its Cooling Capacity

There are a number of reasons when the AC loses its cooling capacity. If your AC is unable to cool the room as it did before, check for the following common problems and solve it with the tips provided below.

One reason why the AC may start cooling less is dirt, debris and soot accumulation on the outer portion of the AC, which restricts airflow and turns the AC insufficient.

If you see that the air outlet of the AC is clogged by dirt and debris, clean the mess in order to get the AC to start dispensing cooler air efficiently again. Regular and periodic maintenance by professionals can also be reserved if you want to get rid of this problem.

If the heat exchanger unit of the condenser gets clogged, it will affect the ACs ability to cool effectively.

To solve this problem, you will have to clean the radiator. Do not forget to switch the unit’s mains off before you do this, and do not re-fit the unit after swiping it unless it is completely dry. You’d need to stay careful also as the fins of the radiator are very sharp.

Leakage of the refrigerant gas can also mean that the cooling will be reduced in comparison to an earlier date.

Clean the entire AC unit regularly to stop leakage of the refrigerant gas. Yearly maintenance can also be a good option. To get a sufficient amount of gas re-filled call a refrigerant professional and ask for advice to keep the gas unit unscathed.

2. The AC’s Run Cycle gets Shortened or Extended beyond Limits

Malfunctions in the run cycle are very common with ACs, and an extremely short or long run cycle can create enough inconvenience when you need the AC to perform at its best during a hot weather condition.

Dirt and debris accumulation in the external outdoor portion (condenser) or in the indoor portion (evaporator) could lead to inconsistent run cycles.

The best solution is to clean and remove the mess on the affected parts. Having periodic cleaning and repair would also mean the life of the AC will get extended, and it will also remain functional and efficient for longer durations.

3. Malfunctioning Motors leading to High Consumption of Energy

Insufficient lubrication or missing lubricators could make moving parts of the AC, such as motors become less efficient. This may increase the noise apart from reducing the cooling capacity of the AC.

Checking the lubrication levels and re-filling lubricators periodically can solve the problem. To stop the wear and tear and increase the life of the AC, also build a habit of not varying the thermostat too widely.

Some TLC

It is essential to keep an eye on the HVAC systems and scheduling periodic maintenance to keep it functioning at their optimal performance levels. A little care and regular maintenance can go a long way in making sure the AC works well enough to provide you the ultimate comfort during hot days of summer. It’s easy.

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