Keeping Your AC Well-Maintained For The Summer: Follow These Useful Tips

Discover tips to keep your air conditioning system well-maintained during the summer. Get expert AC tips from Sandium for effective air conditioner tips for summer!

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Keeping Your AC Well-Maintained For The Summer: Follow These Useful Tips

People tend to run their air conditioners constantly all summer long. This can take a heavy toll on the HVAC system. You should consider basic maintenance and upkeep if you don’t want your unit breaking down in your Northern California home or business. These are a few useful tips that can help you to that effect.

1. Clean the Air Filters

Dirty air filters can cause an air conditioner to work harder and freeze up. You should pay attention to the air filters and clean or replace them whenever required. You may need to check your air filters more frequently during the summer months. It can get difficult for the air conditioner to get the air it requires with a choked filter. You can always have an AC contractor change the air filter for you if you don’t want to perform a DIY task.

2. Keep the Outside Unit Free and Clear

Summer months are spent best playing with kids outdoors and holding yard barbeque parties. However, you need to take out the time to clear the area around your exterior units as well. Many times, yard toys and debris can pile up around the outside condenser unit starving the interior unit of air flow.

You can make sure the HVAC system works the way it should by keeping the outer unit clear. Your air conditioner draws air from the outside. If the external unit is blocked, it may not get adequate air supply.

3. Check for Leaks

You should constantly check the drip pan for potential leaks. Drip pans are there to prevent leaks from spilling over your floor if there is a potential leak within the air conditioner unit. Too much liquid in the drip pan is a strong indicator that something is wrong with your unit. This may result in a break down sooner than you think. Having an HVAC technician take a look at your system is a good way of avoiding potential breakdowns.

4. Carefully Track Your Thermostat

Don’t overuse the air conditioner if you don’t want it to break down. Make sure you keep an eye on the thermostat. Don’t run your air conditioner unnecessarily when you are not at home. This will also help you in lowering your summer utility bills. You should consider upgrading to a smart thermostat.

These may be a bit tricky to understand and manage upfront. You may not be open to the idea of investing that extra money as well. However, smart thermostats pay for themselves in the long run. They will make your life easy by allowing you complete control over your HVAC system.

5. Get a Pro to Tune-up Your System

The best way to keep your air conditioner running in peak health is to have it tuned by a professional. You can always find a reliable and responsible HVAC professional to take a look at the system. The technician would make sure the air filters are clean, AC compressor is clear and everything is working just the way it is supposed to during these tune-ups.

In fact, you should make sure to get annual tune-ups as part of your preventative maintenance checklist. Tune-ups identify problems early on so that you don’t have to face an AC breakdown in the middle of summer.

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