Is it Worth to Install a Hot Water Heater Blanket?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Is it Worth to Install a Hot Water Heater Blanket?

HVAC systems provide you with comfortable indoor temperatures, but they do consume a lot of energy as well and the monthly utility bills you receive are high too. It is not necessary to avoid using air conditioners or heaters.

That may not even be possible in certain regions and the Bay Area does have cold winters. Just because you don’t live in Montana does not mean it does not get cold in the winter. But certain tips and hacks can be followed to reduce your energy consumption and in turn, your energy expenditure.

You need hot water often in winters and if your heater is old or installed in a place where there is high heat loss, you will be losing a lot of energy. In these types of cases, some people press the button for hot water heater blankets; also known as insulation blankets.

These will help insulate your water heater but before you think of investing in one, it is important to understand what an insulation blanket is, how it works, and whether it is really worth installing one.

Hot Water Heater Blanket

A hot water heater blanket is just what the name suggests. It is a blanket that wraps around your water heater and prevents heat loss. Your heater can also maintain consistent temperature with the help of an insulation blanket.

These are made of various materials: fiberglass, foil, or denim. You can choose one depending on your heating requirements. The blankets differ based on their material and R value, that measures thermal resistance. If the R value is high, you will get more insulation.

Which blanket you choose will depend on the performance of your heater and its location. For heaters that are located in cold places of the house or in areas that are not climate controlled, you will require a blanket with a high R value.

Understanding Whether You Need a Hot Water Heater Blanket

The age and performance of your water heater will determine whether wrapping it in an insulation blanket will be worth it. If your heater is too old and not heating well, it would be better to replace the heater instead of covering it with an insulation blanket.

If your heater is located inside the house and in the rooms, your home heating is keeping it warm enough and you do not need any extra insulation. But if it is located in the attic or the garage, an insulated blanket will help retain heat and avoid energy wastage.

You must also take into consideration the climate of the area that you reside in. If you live in a hot region, the temperature difference between the heater temperature and that indoors will not be very high. But in a cold place you will notice a considerable difference and hence, need an insulation blanket.


Before you install a hot water heater blanket, it is important to check what your heater’s warranty says about the use of insulation blankets. Make sure the warranty does not become invalid if you put a blanket on your heater.


Choose your insulation blanket carefully, depending on whether you have an electric water heater or one that runs on gas.

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