HVAC Maintenance Tips That Will Reduce Your Long-Term Costs

Discover best HVAC maintenance tips that can reduce long-term HVAC maintenance cost. Trust Sandium for expert advice on minimizing HVAC maintenance expenses.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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HVAC Maintenance Tips That Will Reduce Your Long-Term Costs

Energy bills can easily sneak up, especially if you have an ill-maintained HVAC system. This a broad checklist of the things your maintenance schedule should include to keep long-term costs at down and minimum.

1. Replacing Filters

Checking air filters is a vital safety precaution. HVAC system air filters can get dirty very quickly. It is important to replace these filters periodically. You should also have the maintenance technician take a look at the pulleys and belts and replace them if needed.

2. Inspecting for Dust and Moisture

Dust and moisture are your HVAC unit’s greatest enemies. They should be kept as far away as possible. Make sure the coils and lines are not clogged with dust. They should be cleaned before the dust turns to grime. Drain pans can easily attract mold, which is why water should not be allowed to stagnate.

3. Cleaning Airways and Ducts

Mold, debris, and dust can cause the ducts of your air conditioning system to get dirty. It is essential to have airways and ducts inspected and cleaned to remove moisture and mold. You should also ensure the blower motor is functioning correctly and the blades are clean to reduce costly maintenance later on.

4. Protecting Exterior Components

Outdoor components of your HVAC system should be kept clean and protected for maximum durability. Never wrap any component of your HVAC unit in air-tight materials. However, you should protect rooftop units as much as possible from rain and other weather elements. You should also protect the outside unit from birds and animals.

5. Monitoring Condition

During HVAC maintenance inspection, you should pay special attention to the overall running condition. Don’t wait to replace any parts that are damaged, malfunctioning, or worn out. Tardiness can cause further damage. You should also ensure there are no coil leaks and all connections are tight.

DIY Tips to Reduce Costs

While annual inspections from an experienced and trained professional are vital to reducing long-term maintenance costs, there are a few steps you can do on your own. These maintenance tips should help you reduce long-term costs.

Caring for an Outdoor System

  • Remove debris and vegetation from the heat pump unit. This will ensure maximum airflow and prevent damage to the unit.
  • Inspect the unit for damage before shutting it down for the winter.
  • Cover the unit with a breathable, moisture-resistant material to protect it.
  • Turn off all outdoor switches to prevent the unit from turning on accidentally.

Caring for an Indoor System

  • Never store combustible products near your heating system.
  • Inspect the air filters and replace them if necessary.
  • Clean air filters regularly. This will reduce indoor pollutants during the winter season and ensure proper airflow throughout your Bay Area house. It will also help in improving the system’s efficiency and life.
  • Don’t block registers with furniture and other things. This can put an undue strain on the system by obstructing proper heat circulation.
  • Replace water panel on the humidifier to ensure it works adequately and maintains proper humidity levels.
  • Make sure to replace the carbon monoxide detector batteries.

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