HVAC Maintenance: DIY vs. Professional Service Provider

Discover the pros and cons of DIY HVAC maintenance versus hiring a professional service provider. Trust Sandium for expert HVAC maintenance solutions.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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HVAC Maintenance: DIY vs. Professional Service Provider

There are several DIY projects that homeowners undertake around their house. There are many things you can fix on your own. DIY tasks go a long way in saving you both money and time. However, trying to repair or fix a heating and air conditioning unit without expert knowledge or skills can cause more harm than good. You need to make sure that your HVAC system runs at peak performance. There are many repairs that you cannot undertake on your Bay Area own without a professional technician.

Keep reading to know more about the repairs that need to be left to the professionals and the ones you can tackle on your own.

DIY HVAC Maintenance Tasks

These are a few DIY tasks that you can undertake on your own without help from a professional HVAC technician.

1. Changing the Filter

One of the most affordable and easiest ways to extend the life of an HVAC unit is to keep its air filter unclogged and clean. You should swap out the air filter every few months. Or, you could clean it depending on the type of air filter you have. You should make sure to get this done before the clogged filter starts affecting indoor air quality. You should think about changing the air filter once every month if you have pets.

2. Cleaning the Outside Unit

You need to ensure the outside unit is kept free of dirt and debris in addition to keeping the inside air filters clean. Trim away shrubs, trees, and all other types of vegetation to at least two feet from the outside unit. You should also routinely inspect the fan blades to ensure nothing is caught in them. This is especially important after a storm. You would need to turn on the unit before this inspection.

3. Replacing Insulation

Your monthly electric bills will increase drastically if the insulation in your house is old and needs replacing. Insulation replacement is an easy and quick DIY task. Most homeowners can get this done without much hassle or complications. You should use this opportunity to seal all cracks you see around the doors and windows as well. This will prevent conditioned air from escaping your house.

HVAC Tasks Requiring a Professional

You can save a lot of money by undertaking simple DIY tasks. However, there are certain jobs that are best left to the professionals. These are:

1. Regular Maintenance

You should make sure that your HVAC system is maintained regularly. It should preferably be done when seasons change. Annual cleaning and inspection can catch minor problems before they turn into major repairs. These include leaking refrigerant, cracks in condenser and improper air flow.

2. Repairing Issues

You should never undertake HVAC repairs on your own unless you are certified and have technical knowledge. Never try troubleshooting the problem without calling a professional.

3. New HVAC Installation

You need a qualified or a skilled HVAC professional to install the unit. They can advise you on purchasing the right unit for your home that requires low maintenance and helps you save money. You should leave the installation to the professionals if you don’t want costly problems down the line.

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