Solutions For Your Family's Well-Being With HVAC And Air Quality

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Updated on Jan 22, 2024
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Solutions For Your Family's Well-Being With HVAC And Air Quality

Whether at your Northern California home or at work, most people spend a majority of their time indoors. This means that you need clean, breathable air inside your residential or commercial spaces.

Although people believe that HVAC systems are only meant to cool a place when it is hot or heat a place when it is cold, they actually do much more. Ventilation is an important function of HVAC systems, and an efficient system will ensure that you get air that is free of dust and other contaminants, to breathe.

It is thus, obvious that your family’s well-being depends largely on the air you breathe at home and you want the best indoor air quality solutions to keep everyone healthy.

1. A well-designed ventilation system

A warm indoor environment in the summers and a cool one in winters will help you feel comfortable but without fresh air, the surroundings will begin to feel stuffy and you will be breathing stale air that keeps going in and out of your HVAC system all the time. To improve the quality of indoor air, you must invest in an HVAC system that has been carefully designed keeping in mind your needs, the size of your house, number of residents and local climate. The duct work is crucial in providing good ventilation to your house.

2. HVAC cleaning and maintenance

Even the most efficient HVAC design and the latest expensive system will be rendered useless if it is not cleaned and maintained regularly. HVAC systems comprise of many parts that must be cleaned and serviced from time to time to ensure smooth running of the system.

Unclean air filters, clogged drain lines and drain pans, dirty evaporator and condenser coils or fan blades full of dust will bring down your system’s performance capacity, sending your utility bills soaring and increasing the possibility of malfunctions and breakdowns.

Having a regular maintenance contract with your HVAC installation company will help keep your system clean every season, boost performance and save you sudden expenses. Preventive maintenance also helps detect any problems in the system early on. Any harmful refrigerant leaks or carbon monoxide leaks can be prevented with regular inspection.

Only a well maintained and clean HVAC system can function smoothly. And only when the system runs smoothly can it do its job of providing clean air.

3. Air purification

Depending on the area where you reside and the health of the residents in your home, you may require additional tools and systems that clean indoor air, more than what HVAC systems normally do.

These indoor air solutions include installing HEPA, electrostatic, or Ultra Violet air filters, humidifiers or dehumidifiers which will remove contaminants from air and provide you dry or moist air as and when required. If you live in a very dry climate, humidifiers can help keep the air moist and reduce dust; or vice versa if there is a lot of humidity in the house.

These additions are a great help, especially for home residents who may suffer from dust, mold, or seasonal allergies.

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