How to Prepare For Your New HVAC Installation?

Learn how to prepare for your upcoming HVAC installation. Get Sandium expert tips, guidelines, and advice to successful process.

Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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How to Prepare For Your New HVAC Installation?

There are several benefits that come with installing a new HVAC unit. You can make your Bay Area home more energy efficient, improve the overall value, and cut down on energy costs. It can be unnerving though to rip off the old system and install a brand new one. You can make the entire task easier by taking out the time to prepare your home for the installation. These are a few steps you can take towards preparing your household for the new HVAC installation.

Determine the Installation Spot

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the new system will go. The new system may not be as huge or bulky as the old one. You may be able to reconfigure the entire setup to make it overall better. For instance, you may be able to change the location of the compressor from a sunny spot to a shaded one. You can also determine new places for the furnace and other parts of the HVAC system. Take out the time to figure all this out since once the new system is installed there is not much you would be able to do.

Find Out What is Required of You

Many homeowners are not aware of what goes on in an HVAC installation. You should get in touch with the HVAC company and ask them to tell you exactly what will happen and what is required of you during the installation. Depending on the setup, the average HVAC installation can take anywhere from 8 – 14 hours.

You may need to take the day off so that you can be home when the HVAC contractor arrives. You may also have to clear out certain areas in the house. This will give better access to the technicians to do their job. You can be better prepared if you ask the HVAC company what to expect.

Learn About the New System

You don’t need to wait until the system gets in to learn about it. There are online manuals for all new HVAC units. This will help you understand the new system and what it is capable of. You should also know the maintenance schedule.

Consider Upgrades

You may want to upgrade your existing ductwork and thermostat while getting a new system installed. There are many systems that already come with a new thermostat. However, if the thermostat is not part of the installation, you should consider equipping the new system with a new thermostat. There is a whole range of smart thermostats that can give you access from anywhere.

You may want to inspect the ductwork as well. You don’t want to lose the energy efficiency that comes with your new system through leaks. Cracks and holes in the ductwork may drag the entire system down. You can prevent conditioned air from leaking out by having the installation guys check it out.

Arrangements for Pets and Kids

You don’t want your kids and pets around when an HVAC installation is taking place. They may end up getting hurt. You should have your pets and kids somewhere during the installation. This will allow the HVAC technicians to get the job done safely and effectively.

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