How To Make Your AC Quieter

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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How To Make Your AC Quieter

A noisy air conditioner can seriously impact your peace. Nobody likes to put up with constant noise, and switching the unit off in the sweltering summer heat is just not an option in Northern California. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to quiet down the system and increase your level of satisfaction with it.

Ideal Air Conditioner Sound Levels

A typical conversation generates sounds between 40 and 60 dB, which should sound akin to an electric toothbrush, and your air conditioner's sound level should fall within this dB range. Noise levels under 40 decibels are indicative of a quiet air conditioner.

Steps To Quieten Your AC

If you want to lower the sound level of your unit because it isn't the quietest, here are a few valuable suggestions to lessen air conditioner noise:

Choose the Right Location for AC Installation

Consult a professional when choosing the best location for a new HVAC unit. For optimal sound reduction:

  • Ask the contractor to place it away from common-use rooms and bedrooms.
  • Install it far from air ducts and tight corridors.
  • Avoid placing the condenser near the windows when installing a mini-split.

Make Sure the Outdoor Condenser Pad is Leveled

Switching on your air conditioner can result in vibration if the exterior condenser pad is unbalanced or shaky. Your air conditioner may make more noise as a result of this vibration. Ensure the stability and level of your outdoor condenser pad to avoid this problem.

Use AC Sound Blankets

Sound blankets are a quick, low-cost method to minimize air conditioner sound immediately. Most brands offer details on which sound blanket tightly covers their condenser unit. You can also buy a universal blanket if you don't find information regarding this with the AC manufacturer. 

Install Sound Barriers

You can reduce noise pollution by erecting a wall or barrier around the external condenser, which will muffle sounds coming from the condenser coils. In addition to lowering the AC noise, it will also conceal your outdoor unit, improving your yard's aesthetics. 

Insulate The Ducts

Insulating your ducts will dampen unwanted noise before it reaches you and is essential for soundproofing and preventing energy loss through them. You can achieve the best soundproofing for your ducts by insulating them using foil-faced fiberglass insulation. Contact an AC technician to handle this task if you don't feel confident about doing it right. 

Install Shrubs Around the AC’s Outdoor Unit

Many people are surprised to learn that vegetation serves as an organic sound barrier. Plant some shrubs next to your external condenser unit to soften the sound. As branches and leaves can obstruct the condenser and impair the efficiency of your air conditioner, keep them at a suitable distance.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Poor maintenance can also result in loud HVAC noises. For instance, unclean and worn fan blades have inadequate aerodynamics, which increases sound levels. Similarly, if your air filters are dirty, your air conditioner will have to work harder, resulting in more noise.

Planning routine maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring that your AC operates as quietly as possible. Using this HVAC maintenance checklist will guarantee that your aircon is in excellent working order throughout the year.

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