How to Lower Your Winter Heating Monthly Costs?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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How to Lower Your Winter Heating Monthly Costs?

Winter can have brutal consequences on your monthly heating bill. In some cases, it can raise your average monthly bill by more than 20%. This means that you would be bleeding more money on utility bills during the holiday shopping season. These are a few tips that can help you lower your Bay Area heating bill which says a lot because energy bills may be going up with these new policies being signed into law.

1. Professional Preventative Maintenance

The best way to prevent future problems and guarantee longevity is to invest in preventative maintenance. This way you can prevent problems with your system even before they occur. Fix your heating system before the temperature drops. Efficient HVAC systems allow for better heating, which inadvertently helps in keeping the bills down.

2. Keep Thermostat on Low

You can save as much as 1% on your utility bills per 8 hours with each degree that you lower the thermostat. That can quickly amount to a lot of savings during the entire season. Try wearing comfy pants and sweaters instead of cranking up the heat. Another tip is to lower the setting when you turn off the lights for the night.

3. Clean the Vents and Filters

Get your system ready for winters by cleaning out the vents and air filters. This way you can ensure that the system has proper airflow. Your HVAC unit doesn’t need to work extra hard for air circulation. You should also clean or change the air filters on a regular basis. This goes a long way in keeping allergens out of your home.

4. Check all Windows

Windows can leak warm air easily. You should watch out for drafts whenever you walk past your windows. Address these draft issues by calling a repairman or you could end up losing a significant amount of money in energy bills. You can always use a plastic sheeting on your windows to ward off the cold and prevent drafts.

5. Install Smart Programmable Thermostats

You can make your house smarter than ever now with constantly evolving tech. Smart programmable thermostats are a popular investment. The thermostat will end up paying for itself with minimal investment. Smart thermostats can make it easier for you to adjust the thermostat without having to physically remember each time. You can save at least 10% on your energy bills by using a smart thermostat.

6. Insulate Your House

Insulating everything can be a major project, but it is something that will help you save tons of money later on. This is particularly true for older homes. You can protect your house from severe cold weather by upgrading your insulation. This will be the first line of defense against extreme temperatures and cold winds. You will be able to save money in winters as well as other seasons with this investment.

7. Use Space Heaters

There are always those annoying little spots in every home that remain cold, no matter what. Don’t inflate your energy bills by increasing the thermostat temperature. Instead, invest in small space heaters that can take care of those cold spots efficiently and separately. Space heaters are less energy consuming than HVAC systems. In fact, you probably won’t even notice the difference in your monthly bills with the added space heaters.

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