How to Know That Your Heating System Needs Fixing?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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How to Know That Your Heating System Needs Fixing?

Repairing your heater when it breaks down will leave you cold for a number of nights which can be uncomfortable in Northern California. You can avoid that predicament by spotting a flaw in the system. These are a few signs you should look out for that says your heating system needs fixing ASAP.

1. High Energy Bills

Your heater could be the problem when your electricity bills are outrageously high. There could be a malfunction in your unit. Over time, a heating system becomes less efficient. This means it will take longer for your house to attain a comfortable temperature.

2. Yellow Burner Flame

The furnace burner flame should be blue in color. When it turns yellow, it indicates a problem with the heater. Yellow flame is usually an indicator of carbon monoxide within the house. This gas is highly toxic, odorless, and colorless. The risk is higher if you have children, elderly or pets in your house.

3. Furnace Making Strange Noises

Heating systems after a time are prone to making occasional banging, rattling, and creaking sounds. You need to call the heater repair guy if this happens to you. Squealing usually indicates a problem with the bearings. Rattling may happen because your motor or blower assembly is shot.

4. Thermostat Needs Constant Adjustment

There is something wrong with your system if you constantly need to adjust the thermostat. You should let the thermostat be if you cannot get the temperature at the right setting after multiple tries. In such a case, you should divert the attention to the heating system.

5. Heating System is Old

Heating systems are bound to wear out like any other machine. Life expectancy of a heater is anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Pilot light is a good way of judging whether the heater works or not. Old heating systems can break down due to inefficiency. This is also why energy bills are high.

6. Multiple Replacements

There is nothing unusual about heater repairs. But, you may have a serious problem if you end up replacing multiple components too quickly. Heater repairs are not difficult for older systems. However, it is hard to find replacements. Sometimes, it makes more sense to replace the entire system.

7. Short Cycling

Heaters that go on and off intermittently are known to short cycle. Your thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature at your home. However, if your heating system constantly switches on and off, it could indicate serious issues with the heating system. Overheating heat exchanger can cause short cycling.

8. Reduced Air Quality

Air quality is something you can feel. Your heating system may require repairing if you feel the air to be hazy or stuffy for no good reason. Flawed furnaces tend to circulate mildew spores, dust and allergens. Spike in respiratory illness within the family could also indicate a problem with the heater.

9. Pilot Light Is Yellow

The pilot light should always be blue and never yellow. Furnaces in reliable working condition will never have a blue pilot light flame. Purple, red, orange, and green flame are a bad sign. These colors indicate the furnace has rust, tar or other forms of condensate that hampers its functioning.

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