How to Care For Your AC in Summer?

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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How to Care For Your AC in Summer?

Air conditioners are no longer a modern luxury, but a necessity required for cooling your home and family when you need it. Air conditioners can become less efficient over the years. Some problems are unavoidable because of a buildup of dust, dirt, and grime. Moreover, you can reduce their frequency by properly maintaining your unit. These are a few tips for you to care for your air conditioners during the hot Bay Area summer months to prevent a sudden breakdown.

Get the Ductwork Fixed

The ductwork can get dirty quickly, even if you have a new home. For instance, construction dust and debris may still be inside the ducts. Ducts are also where rodents and other pests like to build their nests. If you have a rodent problem, the ductwork may have accumulated nesting materials and droppings inside of them.

Fine particulates can drift into your home when you turn on the air conditioner and lower the indoor air quality. They can also get into the air conditioning system through the return air side to hamper airflow. You should have the ducts professionally cleaned and repaired wherever required. This will prevent loss of conditioned air and make your system run more efficiently.

Inspect the Wiring

You should have the wiring checked to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning. A professional technician will check for signs of wear and tear and overheating. Don’t forget to switch off the air conditioner before you do this. Any wire that is scorched, frayed, or damaged should be repaired by a professional without any delay.

Clean the Exterior Unit

If you have a central air conditioner, you need to make sure the outside compressor and condenser coils are clean. You don’t need to have the system opened since it is part of regular tune-up. When coils are dirty, they absorb heat less effectively. The condenser and evaporator coil can be sprayed on by a garden hose to get rid of any accumulated dust or debris. Make sure you don’t get any electrical connections wet.

Inspect the fins when cleaning coils since they can bend easily. Use a fin comb to straighten any bent fins. Make sure you remove weeds, grass, and old leaves from the air conditioner. The system can become less energy efficient if there is blocked air flow. Hence, make sure there are no potted plants or foliage near it.

Go Easy on the Air Conditioner

Machines break down if they are run constantly, even with proper maintenance. You should give your system the occasional break or you may need to replace it sooner than anticipated. Going easy on the unit will also help keep the utility bills on the downside. You can try upgrading to a smart thermostat to control the temperature from anywhere. This way you can leave the air conditioner off when no one is home.

You should make sure that there are no leaks. You can seal the air leaks using spray foam and caulk. Cracked or brittle weather stripping on doors and windows should be replaced. You can keep the temperature in your house down by using blackout curtains or heavy drapes. You can keep the temperature down by using ceiling fans turned counterclockwise in occupied rooms.

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