How to Boost Your Air Conditioner Performance

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Updated on Oct 22, 2023
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How to Boost Your Air Conditioner Performance

Homeowners in Northern California cannot do without their air conditioners because of the unrelenting heat. Unfortunately, having an air conditioner is not enough. You probably want it working at peak performance too. The air conditioner should be efficient and effective and keep you cool without bad indoor air quality, excessive noise, or uncomfortable hot spots.

This post is for you if your air conditioner has lost its ability to keep your house at a comfortable temperature because of poor performance.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

The first thing you need to do is take care of the air filters. Dirty air filters can reduce air flow, which can limit the amount of cooling delivered in the house. Dirty filters can reduce air flow and cause the coil to freeze over. This can damage the compressor. You should replace the filters whenever it gets dirty. The rule of thumb is to replace air filters every 3 months. Based on this, this may need to be done earlier if you have pets or any family member has an allergy.

Don’t Block the Vents

You should ensure that there is nothing blocking the vents. Remove dog beds, pile of clothes, and dressers that are partially or completely covering the return or supply vents in your home. When the vents are blocked, there is an increase in air pressure within the duct system. This reduces air flow. You need to ensure that all return and supply vents in the house can easily move air.

Check For Duct Air Flow Concerns

An air conditioner plays a small part in getting the house cool. The cool air needs to be distributed throughout the house where central air conditioners are concerned. This is where ducts come in. In some houses, the ductwork can be compromised. It doesn’t allow conditioned air to get where it needs to. The duct may develop cracks or holes. It may get disconnected especially in the attics and crawl spaces.

Air flow can easily get reduces because the ducts are restrictive. With disconnected ducts, you can fix the problem easily. All you need to do is reconnect them. With that said, the problem is more troublesome in case of restrictive ducts. You may need to get a trained technician have a look at the ductwork if you think they are the problem.

Sealing Duct Leaks

A tremendous amount of energy is wasted because of duct leakage. The ducts may fall apart even after you have reconnected them. You may lose a lot of conditioned air. You shouldn’t attempt to seal the ducts as a DIY job. You should have them sealed by a professional. This is because trained professionals have the necessary equipment for checking static pressure in the ducting system.

Sealing the ducts at the wrong places may also increase the pressure beyond the recommended level. This can create another set of problems. You can reduce air flow which may freeze the condenser coil. This will further damage the compressor.

Don’t Keep the Outdoor Unit Covered

Restricted air flow at the exterior unit is another common cause of reduced cooling capacity. You should remove any cover from the outdoor unit that houses the condensing coil and compressor. The outdoor unit needs space for pulling air in. 

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