How to Avoid AC Breakdowns in Summer

How to prevent AC breakdowns during summers? Get expert tips from Sandium to ensure your central air conditioner repair services to avoid any central air leaking water.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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How to Avoid AC Breakdowns in Summer

Air conditioner breakdown is something that every homeowner fears. This is particularly true when the mercury begins rising steadily and relentlessly. You are one of the lucky ones if you have managed to get through most of your Bay Area summer without having a single breakdown. There is nothing worse than a hot summer day with an irritable family.

Unfortunately, an AC breakdown could very well be around the corner (after working hard all summer long). Most air conditioner breakdowns occur when you need the unit the most. These are six efficient ways of avoiding central air conditioner breakdowns.

1. Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Dirty air filters are among the primary reasons why air conditioner units tend to breakdown. Dirty filters block airflow to the unit. This can cause the system to over work. Checking and changing the air filter when it becomes dirty will help you lower the risk of potential air conditioner breakdowns.

2. Keep Your Annual Tune-up Appointments

It is never recommended to skip annual tune-ups. The technician will make sure that your air conditioner is in good working order during these preventative appointments. They will inspect everything and perform basic maintenance tasks to ensure the system is in peak health to combat summer heat. It is best to schedule your annual tune-up during the spring. This will help you prevent breakdowns during the hot summer months. Prevention is after all always better than cure.

3. Avoid Air Conditioner Breakdown by Checking for Water Leaks

You should take a quick look around the air conditioner unit as you change the air filter. There should not be any water leakage in or around the unit. There is no reason for your air conditioner to have leaking water except from the drainage pipe. You should call a technician as soon as possible if you see water puddles or drops leaking from the system. The technicians would inspect and fix the problem. Generally, clogged condensation drain lines are the reason behind air conditioner leaks. This is one of the leading causes of air conditioner breakdowns in the United States.

4. Vents Should be Unblocked and Open

You should never keep air conditioner vents closed. Your system can be thrown out of balance if you keep the vents closed. This can lead to potential operational issues. You can avoid possible breakdowns if you keep the vents clear of obstructions.

5. Keep Your Outside Condenser Unit Clear

You should trim bushes around the outside unit to make sure it gets adequate air flow. You need to allow the system to breathe. This holds true for the inside unit as well. Don’t let dirt, dust, and debris build up on the unit.

6. Replace the System Timely

Nobody wants to spend money on expensive appliances. However, you may be wasting more money in holding on to a system that is giving trouble and is older than 10 years. Risk of overheating and breakdowns become common as well. Every air conditioner needs to be replaced eventually if you want to avoid frequent breakdowns.

You should have your AC technician assess your household needs and recommend the best units. This could be the difference between spending your summer months in comfort or in heat.

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