Home Eco-friendly Projects to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Home Eco-friendly Projects to Improve Energy Efficiency

Most modern residential and commercial spaces are built inclusive of environment friendly and energy efficient features and innovations.

But many home owners wish to upgrade their current home installations or install new energy efficient systems in houses that were built many years ago.

Apart from helping you save a lot of money on monthly energy bills, outstanding water heating systems, HVAC units, thermostats and energy efficient domestic appliances are beneficial for the environment as well and will reduce your carbon footprint. Home energy audit If you are not sure how much energy your house is consuming and how much you will be able to save with the eco-friendly home projects that you are thinking of undertaking, a home energy audit is the best option.

This will evaluate the efficiency of the various energy systems and appliances in your house and based on the results, the auditor will give you a list of recommendations for home improvement.

If you are unable to choose multiple projects at a time, the auditor can help you prioritize, so that you can pick options that are convenient and budget-friendly. 

Eco-friendly projects to increase energy efficiency

By undertaking eco-friendly home projects, you can reduce energy consumption and your utility bills, and also get attractive rebates on the installation of certain systems.

1. Installation of solar panels

The Sun is a constant source of energy and if home-owners harness this energy for their utility needs, they can save a lot on electricity or natural gas. It may be a sizeable investment but it is worth the returns and the rebates offered on these types of installations that offset your initial costs.

2. Getting tank less water heaters

Conventional water heaters have tanks that store and heat water unnecessarily, consuming a lot of energy. Instead, tank less water heaters heat water as and when needed, making them almost 24% to 34% more efficient than traditional ones. Your monthly heating costs can definitely go down with this installation.

3. New HVAC systems

HVAC systems probably consume energy the most in your house. Replacing old systems with new, energy efficient HVAC units can make a difference of 20%-40% in your monthly utility bills.

Look for additional features such as a programmable thermostat and removable parts for easy cleaning. Also invest in monthly and yearly maintenance, depending upon the appliance.

4. New windows

About 30% of heat loss or gain depends on your home windows. Well insulated-windows maintain the temperature of your house and ensure there is no leakage, so that your HVAC systems do not have to over-work to compensate for the energy loss, thus reducing your utility bills.

5. Switching to energy-efficient domestic appliances

Home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens consume a lot of energy.If your appliances have an Energy Star rating (a rating decided by the Environment Protection Agency to evaluate energy efficient appliances), chances are they will perform better than other appliances in terms of energy saving.

You may also be able to claim tax benefits or rebates on the purchase of such products.

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