Get Healthy With a Cedar Wood Doormat

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Get Healthy With a Cedar Wood Doormat

With all of the outdoor pollution concerns around, people tend to forget just how dirty the inside of their homes can be. In this case, a cedar wood doormat doesn't just look great; it can also mean fewer visits to the doctor. In addition to keeping out dirt, mud, and sand, a doormat also helps reduce dust and microscopic contaminants from entering your home.

The Criminals

So what exactly is in this dust and grime? Aside from higher levels of lead, dust contains viruses, bacteria, animal waste, insect parts, mold spores, dust mites and their feces, pollen, pesticides, paint particles, construction debris, and asbestos. Once inside, it's easy for dust to become embedded in floors and carpets. Also, because of a lack of circulation, toxic airborne particles will remain. Homes are built nowadays to keep the outdoors tightly sealed and at bay, but as a result, anything inside the house is also contained and will thrive because there is no wind to blow things away or rain to wash them clean.


According to the EPA, the inside of people's homes is actually more polluted than the outside, often by as much as 2-5 times as polluted on average. If you think that's disturbing, consider this: Americans tend to stay indoors 90% of the time, compared to people in other countries. As a result, asthma has increased by 600% over the last 3 decades due in large part to indoor air pollution. But it's not just asthma that a cedar wood doormat can help to protect against and alleviate symptoms from the following: allergies, lung disorders, cancer, and more are all affected by and exacerbated by air contaminants. Up to 85% of these are brought in from outdoors. An elevated level of indoor pollutants is even said to contribute to birth defects and neurological problems.

Why Choose Wood

A cedar wood doormat is more useful than other types of welcome mats because it dries easily from a unique slatted design and will not trap moisture and matter. Fibrous materials like coir and palmyra are not as durable as wood, don't dry as quickly, and become environments in which germs thrive. In fact, sometimes fiber mats have the opposite effect of their intended purpose and will kick up and track in any trapped dust that was in it. Cedar, on the other hand, remains clean, and because the wood is naturally strong and resistant to cracking and rotting, there isn't a worry of something growing on or in it.

Other Tips

As an added precaution, there are a few extra things you can do to make sure that nothing unwanted is coming in with your visitors. Spray down your cedar wood doormat weekly with a disinfectant like Lysol. Also, try to have everyone leave their shoes at the door when they enter. Finally, do not place grocery bags or anything else on doormats that will later be placed on countertops or in areas where people are.

The truth of the matter is that germs are everywhere. Some are harmless, and some are not, but being overly cautious is limiting and difficult to keep up. That being said, a certain level of cleanliness is expected, especially in households with young children and pets. A cedar wood doormat then is one subtle touch that will look great while keeping you a little bit safer.

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