What Features in Your HVAC Improve The Comfort And Air Quality?

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Updated on Jan 22, 2024
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What Features in Your HVAC Improve The Comfort And Air Quality?

HVAC systems provide you with comfortable indoor temperatures. But along with that, it is important that you and other Bay Area residents of the house get clean, quality air to breathe. Everyone spends a lot of time at home. This especially includes young children and senior citizens. It is imperative that your HVAC system be efficient in purifying indoor air and maintaining it at a desired temperature. The heating and air conditioning systems in your house do their job of heating or cooling the space. But there are certain add-ons that you can try, to make your home more comfortable.

1. Central Humidifiers

How do they work?

A central humidifier is attached to your home’s heating or cooling system and the plumbing. The humidifier has a humidistat (similar to an AC thermostat) that measures the humidity in indoor air. The function of the central humidifier is to release a little moisture in the form of water vapor into the air if indoor humidity is too low. Generally, 35-50% humidity is considered comfortable or ideal in the house. When the air is too dry, central humidifiers humidify the entire house at once, as opposed to stand-alone humidifiers that only provide moisture to one room at a time. Hence, they are more efficient.

Central humidifiers are safer than stand-alone humidifiers too. Plus, they will not be visible or act as an ugly addition to your room décor. They are also easy to maintain. As they are attached to the main plumbing, you will never need to add water.

Why are they important?

Dry air is harmful to the health of residents and also to home interiors. It can cause your hair and skin to lose moisture or your lips to crack. It can also aggravate asthma and other respiratory disorders. If indoor air is too dry, you may also get an electric shock sometimes when you touch a metal surface. Dry air can damage wooden flooring, paintings, and furniture. In such cases, your home needs humidification and central humidifiers can do the job well.

2. Air purifiers

How do they work?

The in-built air filters in residential HVAC systems are designed to keep dust and dirt out of the equipment in order to protect it. They are not efficient enough to filter out minute contaminants that are harmful to your body.

Central air purification systems or air purifiers are an additional layer of protection in your system, providing you with clean, breathable air in the house. These remove dust, mold, smog, bacteria, and viruses from the air.

Importance of air quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ), refers to the conditioning of air inside your home. Poor air quality can result in a lot of health issues for family members, aggravate existing respiratory problems, and also lead to mold growth and bad odors.

3. HVAC maintenance

The efficiency of central humidifiers and air purifiers largely depends on your HVAC system. Hence, the system and all additional purifiers and filters must be cleaned and serviced regularly.

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