Does HVAC Maintenance Deliver Real Value?

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Does HVAC Maintenance Deliver Real Value?

People often tend to avoid calling an HVAC technician unless it is an emergency. Many people think that calling technicians to service your HVAC system once or twice a year is not really required and makes no difference to the functioning of the AC.

When everything is working fine, most consumers consider it is pointless to call a professional and have them open up the HVAC system.

But this is primarily because they do not understand or see for themselves, what exactly an HVAC technician does as part of cleaning and servicing of the unit. Witnessing the dirt that gets collected and the wear and tear of parts yourself will have you rethinking the utility of regular HVAC maintenance.

Also, it is easy to think that the AC is a closed machine and hence its components cannot come to much harm, being safely tucked away behind mesh panels. But the hidden components of an AC collect just as much dirt and dust as a part that is open to the elements.

Performance improvement post servicing

The most common effect of servicing that residents will notice is quicker and better cooling immediately after the AC unit has been cleaned and serviced. But as some do not notice this minute change, they do not accept the impact regular maintenance has on the AC’s efficiency.

Before and after photos of AC servicing are often used to explain to consumers what their AC actually goes through and why it is necessary to maintain it regularly.

What happens to different ac components if not cleaned regularly?

AC Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils of your air conditioner are responsible for heat transfer. The evaporator coils absorb heat from your home interiors and the condenser coils release it outside.

Condensers are prone to accumulation of dirt and dust as they are exposed to outdoor pollutants. If not cleaned in time, the dirt on the coils can harden and eventually cause corrosion that can end up in cracks and refrigerant leaks.

Evaporator coils can also freeze due to dirt and cause water damage. The greatest damage you can face would be a compressor failure which is extremely expensive to fix.

Air filters

Air filters keep dust and debris from entering the parts inside the AC and help keep it running smoothly. If the moving components inside like blower motors and fans get dirty, they would get jammed. Your system would then have to work extra to make these parts work properly.

If dust gets accumulated in the duct work, it is eventually going to lead to dust and mold getting circulated into your house, causing health problems and damage to furniture.

Drain lines and drain pans

These are important because they remove the excess water that gets collected in the process of heat removal. If these are clogged, you will face extensive water leaks that can cause damage to walls and furniture.

Therefore, HVAC maintenance certainly keeps your system running smoothly and saves you from heavy repairs and high bills.

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