Dispelling The Common Myths About HVAC Systems

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Dispelling The Common Myths About HVAC Systems

When it comes to air conditioning or heating, people tend to get maximum energy efficiency and comfort at the same time.

However, although there are many DIY tricks, and a lot of articles on how to get the best from an air conditioner or room heating systems, people still have some myths in their minds about HVAC systems that are the most important parts of a heating or AC sets.

Here are some popular myths that are totally false to believe in.

1. Temperature adjustments are useless when leaving the home

The idea to note here is that your AC or the HVAC system is not intelligent to take decisions on their own. Therefore, if you want them to work as they were intended to work, you must know how to keep them efficient so you don’t pay anymore than you have to.

Turning the temperature levels down in the winter and moving it up in the summer can keep your system at peak performance. The benefits include a lower energy bill and better functioning of the heating or AC sets.

The point to note is that when the temperature of the AC is fixed near the environmental temperature, it needs to work less.

Although you might be scared to keep temperatures up or down for the sake of your comfort, changing the temperature levels to suit the atmosphere of the room is a stellar option.

2. AC and heating systems do not require servicing

If you do not want to incur a heavy cost when the system needs a complete overhaul, service the AC or heating system regularly. It behooves you to maintain your AC system because it can save you money both in terms of energy bills and the repair costs.

Therefore, servicing the systems to improve various aspects such as lubrication of moving parts, proper adjustment of screws and accessory parts, etc. is paramount. A regularly serviced AC will be less costly to maintain than the one that is hardly serviced and repaired in the long run.

3. The more energy-efficient the system is, the more money you will save

Although this is not completely wrong an idea, there are many other factors that affect energy costs.

For example, the size of your AC is a big factor in counting the energy bills. If you need a lower power AC and buy one that is too large for the room, this will cost you in more ways than one.

The same principle is applicable to smaller ACs. In a similar way, if your heating or AC system’s HVAC unit is inappropriate or malfunctioning, you will have to spend more even if the system is very energy efficient.

4. A thermostat kept at high temperature will heat the room faster

Many people think that when we set the thermostat at a higher temperature, the room gets heated quicker. That is not true. The system will take the same time to reach a certain temperature no matter what the fixed temperature of the thermostat is. This theory is also applicable to ACs (air conditioners).

Vital Information

There are more common myths as well. One is that if a fan is used simultaneously, the AC will consume lesser energy to cool the room. When you use more energy you will pay more.

There is another popular myth that ACs only cool the room. This is not true as ACs also help maintain the humidity which is good for electronics and your quality of life.

The myth that duct tape is best to seal HVAC systems is also wrong. Although there is a ‘duct’ in the name of duct tape, it is not the best option for covering or sealing HVACs. Mastic tape is then better bet for HVACs.

Also, the philosophy that space heaters are less costly than room heating systems is lopsided. If your room heater is efficient, it will consume less energy than space heaters used in multiple rooms.

So, the next time you hear a popular myth, fact-check it on the web.

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