Can Carpet Cleaners Clean Air Ducts With Their Vacuum?

Discover how carpet cleaners with vacuum collection systems improve indoor air quality. Address air quality problems with professional services at Sandium.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Can Carpet Cleaners Clean Air Ducts With Their Vacuum?

The Importance of Proper Duct Cleaning

"If an inexperienced company fails to follow proper duct cleaning procedures, their cleaning can actually cause more indoor air quality problems. Inadequate vacuum collection systems can release more dust, dirt, and other contaminants into the indoor air than if they had left the ducts alone."

Reprinted from an EPA study released in October 1997.

The Right Equipment for the Job

The Limitations of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Be very skeptical of carpet cleaners that claim to be able to clean your air ducts with their extraction units; those units are simply not designed for anything other than carpets or other various forms of floor coverings.

The Specialized Nature of Duct Cleaning

Just as our duct cleaning equipment is not capable of cleaning your carpets, neither is carpet cleaning equipment capable of cleaning your air ducts.

The Rise of Carpet Cleaners Offering Duct Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners Expanding into Duct Cleaning

We have recently noticed that many carpet cleaning businesses have begun offering Duct Cleaning as part of their services. We are left to wonder why anybody would even consider hiring a carpet cleaning specialist versus hiring a Duct Cleaning specialist to clean their air ducts.

Hiring Specialists for the Right Job

The Analogy of Car Repairs

Do you bring your car into a motorcycle shop when it needs repairs? Of course not! So why hire anybody other than a specialist to clean your Air Ducts?

Keeping the Industry Honest

Advocating for Quality Duct Cleaning

Now, I’m sure I am going to get all kinds of nasty emails from all those carpet cleaners out there, telling me to mind my own business… Sorry Guys, I’m just trying to keep this industry honest!

A Light-Hearted Suggestion

Hiring Specialists for Your Needs

So on a final note, if you insist on hiring a carpet cleaner to clean your air ducts because they had such a good "sale" on, why not hire us to clean your carpets… We'll give you a good deal too! (Just kidding)

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