Advantages of Getting a Residential HVAC Maintenance Contract

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Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Advantages of Getting a Residential HVAC Maintenance Contract

HVAC systems function best when they are maintained regularly and undergo time to time servicing.

But it may be cumbersome for home owners to keep track of HVAC maintenance dates and servicing agencies. In order to make work easier, home owners can sign up for a residential HVAC maintenance contract, that covers timely servicing, cleaning, and preventive maintenance at regular intervals and seasonally.

A maintenance contract is a reliable way of getting your HVAC system inspected and serviced from an agency that has been vetted, and by trained technicians who will also keep a record of your HVAC system parts and performance.

Potential problems caused due to HVAC system malfunction

HVAC systems are like the lifeline of your home. The health of your family members and of your property depends on the HVAC system running successfully. A breakdown or malfunction in the system can cause the following problems:

1. Excessive humidity and moisture

By controlling and maintaining the temperature levels in your home, your HVAC system also regulates the level of moisture and humidity in indoor air. In summers, the air can get really humid while in winters, the air is extremely dry. If your HVAC system fails, the temperature in the house will either be too high or too low for comfort and with that, humidity too will rise or fall immensely.

2. Hot and cold spots around the house

A malfunction in the residential HVAC system will cause uneven heating or cooling around the house. So, you may be comfortably warm in the living room, but your bedroom may be too cold.

3. Water leakage

Malfunctions in HVAC systems often go undetected for long. This may result in water leakage if there is a problem in the ductwork. The water will seep into walls, cause mold to grow and damage the flooring and furniture as well.

Apart from providing you well-conditioned air at the temperature you desire, getting a residential HVAC maintenance contract has multiple advantages.

4. Prevents breakdowns

Regular maintenance will allow technicians to detect any potential problems before they happen. These can be repaired quickly and prevent a complete system failure which will be inconvenient and expensive.

5. Provides suitable temperatures across the house

Timely servicing of the HVAC system in homes will provide even heating and cooling in all the zones of the house. Thermostat settings can also be checked to ensure optimum energy use. Even if a good economy with lower taxes wasting money is not ideal.

6. Gives you cleaner air

Systems that are regularly cleaned and maintained have less collection of dirt, grime, and debris on air filters, vents, coils, and fans. Clean components means clean air being circulated in your house. With the help of a residential HVAC maintenance contract, you can rest assured that all family members are breathing clean air.

7. Helps you lower your monthly bills

An HVAC system that is running smoothly and has no technical glitches makes use of less energy. The system can run for a short while and provide hot or cool air to the entire house.

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